Discover how TraceDock helped Sanitairwinkel to improve data accuracy for 23% of their transactions in Google Analytics.

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Harnessing valuable customer data to boost business

One of the largest bathroom suppliers in the Netherlands, Sanitairwinkel, operates a website that receives over 500,000 page views every month. Like many retailers, they are reliant on Google Analytics powering their e-commerce strategy. 

However, tracking on Google Analytics is now blocked by default on browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Brave as well as platforms like iOS 14.5. This development, coupled with the fact that users on mobile devices are often redirected from their banking app after payment to a default browser, means that brands are losing out on a great deal of valuable customer data.


What Sanitairwinkel was missing out on

In fact, in the case of Sanitairwinkel, approximately 23% of customer attribution data was either missing or incorrectly attributed to specific marketing campaigns. 

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A secure solution for accurate data

Unwilling to accept inadequate metrics, Sanitairwinkel researched the market, spoke to their peers, and identified TraceDock as the ideal solution. TraceDock is a privacy-friendly first-party data collection service that reinforces the Google Analytics tracker so Sanitairwinkel can be 100% sure that their data is correct. Working alongside Google Analytics, TraceDock ensures that the data from users with tracking prevention can be collected in a privacy-friendly way, thus leading to more measured sessions for attribution purposes. The second part of TraceDock is to move the measurement of the user’s transaction (the conversion moment) from the thank-you page to the server. After the payment provider confirms the transaction, this data is forwarded to TraceDock which stitches it to the user’s browser session. Combined, this has led to 23% of their transactions with improved attribution in their Google Analytics.

Jaap Melchels, Team Lead Online Marketing at Sanitairwinkel, says; “Now Sanitairwinkel is not reliant solely on Google Analytics, we can track all transitions via the server and know that our core website analytics are always correct. There’s no more guesswork involved, and we can plan our marketing activities, and budget, with confidence.” 

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‘Amazing’ insights in a matter of weeks

TraceDock was implemented with Sanitairwinkel’s systems in a matter of hours. Once testing was complete, TraceDock took over from Google’s transaction reporting on the thank-you page and the systems continued running in harmony.

The early results were even better than expected. “We were amazed by our first month’s results, including significantly more conversions from paid marketing campaigns. When nearly a quarter of your transactional data is missing or incorrect, you can’t plan effectively or know what your customers need. TraceDock makes it easier and quicker to get accurate data and improve business decisions.''

Expanding the solution for optimization

Sanitairwinkel already has plans to use TraceDock’s powerful data collection capabilities across their customer-facing websites in Belgium and France. Alongside the benefits of improved audience insights in these countries, this expansion will allow the company to test new campaigns, messaging and customer journeys to make sure they offer the best possible user experience to their customers - and they stay one step ahead of their competitors.

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Jaap Melchels sees a bright future ahead for Sanitairwinkel

Jaap Melchels sees a bright future ahead for Sanitairwinkel and TraceDock. “So many ambitious e-commerce retailers are missing out on incredibly valuable attribution data, and there is really no need. Google Analytics is a great tool, but it has its limitations. Knowing you don’t need to simply accept these, and that there are viable and powerful solutions out there, has transformed our online marketing activities. Accurate data means better campaign planning and performance - it really is as simple as that!”

See what TraceDock can do for you?

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