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86% Of Consumers Are Willing to Pay More

The core principles of Marketing & Sales haven't changed. It's the never-ending game of seduction. In contrast, purchasing behaviour is changing rapidly. Today, 86% of consumers are willing to pay more to get a better experience. Hence, customer experience is a major differentiator for growth.

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Adopting New Technologies

The need to be more user-friendly and more personalised applies to every industry. It demands that Marketing & Sales organisations adopt new technologies at an increasing pace. Their working environment is becoming more complex because of data, privacy, and automation. This is a big challenge, especially for organisations whose core business lies not in the digital domain. CM.com is there to make great customer experiences scalable and accessible.

Customer Stories


At Bournemouth 7s Festival, keeping our festival goers up-to-date and providing great customer service is pivotal. CM.com gives us the perfect platform to engage with our audience through an effective and easy-to-use suite of excellent communication tools.

Craig Mathie, Managing Director, Bournemouth 7s


With CM.com's TraceDock we now have 10% more data to optimise our ad spend with, and our ROI for Google Ads and Facebook increased.

Simon Vreeman - Growth Marketing Manager, VanMoof

Connect via all channels


Communications Platform

Connect to our platform to efficiently engage your customers on all messaging channels and through voice.

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Mobile Marketing Cloud

Use our software to unlock your data and create highly personalised campaigns over multiple channels.

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Sign enables you to complete contracts and agreements fast and secure without unnecessary printing.

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Specialised ticketing solutions for live events, museums, parks, and theatres. Integrated with Mobile Marketing Cloud.

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E-book Mobile Marketing Trends

Mobile Marketing Trends

Discover 5 ways to engage your customers while increasing sales opportunities, revenue, conversions, and employee satisfaction. You can find it all in the Mobile Marketing Trend Report.

Email ebook

Skyrocket your email open rates

All your hard work crafting targeted, relevant, and timely emails to your customers or prospects will be useless if you don’t do everything you can to optimise email deliverability.

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Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform: An Introductory Guide

As a marketer you have undoubtedly heard of a CRM, but what about a Customer Data Platform? What is it and what are you missing without one? This guide tells you everything you need to know.

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