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Embarking Conversational Commerce with the WhatsApp Business solution and Mobile Service Cloud.


About Awasr

Awasr is recognized as the fastest growing service provider in Oman. Maintaining their presence with 14 retail stores across the entire city catering to both corporate and individuals. As the first and the finest in the field of fibre in the country, they are committed to providing a high-quality broadband internet service.

Their mission is to help customers unlock the power and enjoyment of the internet by enabling end users to send and receive data at the best speed. Facilitating their daily activities such as social media browsing, online shopping, audio, video and image downloads, as well as video calls.

Challenges and Goals

In the past, Awasr relied heavily on SMS to send out promotions and offers on different internet packages. However with thousands of customers receiving those messages, they had to respond to hundreds of people on a daily basis. This means managing a continuous influx of messages and inquires across website, social channels, and email. Being a customer centric business, they consistently explore innovative methods to meet customer requirements effectively and deliver a smooth customer journey. Meeting the needs of the users in the community ensuring a quick, fast and reliable support.


Revenue Growth via WhatsAPP

Assisting customers in their buying experience and providing them with real time personal advice when most needed helped grow the revenue. With Mobile Service Cloud agents where able to work more efficiently and helped with the right expert with skills- based routing immediately. Managing inquiries from all channels in one Agent inbox helped in creating more personal, valuable conversations turning a simple WhatsApp message into a rich source of 2 way communication. This resulted in an increase in sales revenue 70% (attributed to WhatsApp as a channel) versus 30% from SMS.

Turned conversations into revenue


Marketing Messages via WhatsApp

Awasr wants to keep their customers informed of the new offers while ensuring a seamless experience and quick query resolution. They integrated WhatsApp for Business as a preferred customer communication channel  for Marketing. The use of WhatsApp as a marketing channel enabled them to send personalized announcements that increased engagement. The channel facilitated them to send clear offers with rich images and videos that helped increase customer engagement. 

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Helping Customers make informed decisions

Being a customer-centric business, its important to support and interact with their customers seamlessly. Together with creating a smooth customer journey via a WhatsApp, Mobile Service Cloud is used to address incoming support queries from Awasr consumers.

Which enabled them to communicate with their customers without loosing the personal touch. This helped their customer support agents connect easily with customers and resolve inquiries in real time via WhatsApp.

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Flexible & Efficient Customer Support

Real-time support on WhatsApp channel has reduced call center influx  leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved efficiency in query resolution. Customers were able to reach out on WhatsApp with their inquiries, technical issues they face, or any concerns they run into. This deployment not only enabled them to reach their customers in the most convenient way but also improved the satisfaction level of customers and reduced the time required to address their queries. The accessibility and convenience of WhatsApp allowed Awaser's customer support team to provide real-time assistance. It made it easier for them to handle more than one conversation at a time without losing the personal touch and interactive experience.  With Mobile Service Cloud, Awasr was able to help customers unlock the power and enjoyment of the staying connected to their community.

The incorporation of WhatsApp has optimally enhanced our customer care strategies, resulting in resolving inquiries rapidly. This has notably contributed to a significant surge in our sales conversion rates.

Talal Al-Jabri VP Sales 

Solution & Results

By having a single view, and the help of quick replies in the knowledge data base, Awasr was able to help their agents to work better, and give a great customer service across messaging channels that are convenient to their customers. Growth in Customer Engagement by enabling real-time, two-way communication, offering multimedia interactions, providing automated responses for FAQs and facilitating personalized updates and promotions. Re-engaging customers with valuable promotions resulted in 72% conversion rate. Moreover, enabling two way communication through WhatsApp boosted sales revenues to 70% attributed to WhatsApp as a channel.

Customer Service led to revenue growth


Discover How Mobile Service Cloud Can Help Your Team

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