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Qeld offers entrepreneurs flexible communication with CM.com’s Mobile Marketing Cloud and Mobile Service Cloud + WhatsApp.

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Qeld: A Digital, Smart and Fast FinTech Solution

Founded in 2018 on the Dutch market by Swedish parent company Qred (2015), Qeld is a fast-growing international FinTech company that provides accessible financing to small businesses in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Belgium. It is the first Swedish company that reached the top-10 list of the Financial Times’ list of the 1,000 fastest-growing companies in Europe. Qeld’s main focus is solving big problems for small businesses.


“At Qeld, we want to make financing accessible for all SMEs. We want to help them grow and treat them with the respect they deserve. We believe that receiving a business loan shouldn’t be harder than ordering a book online. That is why we provide a smart and fast digital solution. In addition, by skipping fancy offices and expensive civil servants we can reduce costs. This way we hope to help many small business owners and make the banks a little more humble.”

Orhan Vonk, Head of Collections Benelux Qeld

Accessible Loans for the Everyday Heroes of Society

Every company needs help from time to time. Many small businesses struggle to find a loan that fits their needs. Banks often require a lot of documentation and are slow in correspondence. On top of that, the chances of getting rejected are very high for small business owners. 

“We believe that small business owners are everyday heroes underpinning society and deserve to be treated with respect and integrity. Being business founders ourselves, entrepreneurship is our passion – and we believe our customers feel that authenticity.”

Johannes Stevense, Marketing Representative Qeld

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Fast and Flexible Communication

One of the struggles for many entrepreneurs is that they find it difficult to stay in direct communication with their loan provider. Qeld uses CM.com’s solutions for accessible customer service.

Thanks to Mobile Marketing Cloud and Mobile Service Cloud with WhatsApp Business Platform, Qeld provides its customers with an easy and quick way to reach out for any questions or help.

“We were looking for a platform provider that is experienced with our customers' needs. Most of our customers use WhatsApp to communicate, both for private and for their business reasons. Therefore, having a customer-friendly WhatsApp platform was the reason that we chose CM.com.”

Orhan Vonk, Head of Collections Benelux Qeld

The combined solution enables Qeld to have multiple customer success agents communicating with customers in a direct and quick manner. Customers can also easily react to Qeld’s campaigns via WhatsApp.

“Our goal was to improve the customer experience of communication with us. Our customers have responded extremely positively to our use of the platform. They reach out to us for general questions, advice, and invoice-related questions. The response rate is high, and the customer satisfaction survey showed positive results.”

Johannes Stevense, Marketing Representative Qeld

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Qeld x CM.com – A Hassle-Free Cooperation

Qeld now benefits from CM.com’s one platform solutions, to provide a seamless customer experience, anytime, anywhere. Qeld evaluated the onboarding and subsequent operational phase of this project as fast and easy. They find the platform user-friendly, easy-to-use and hassle-free.

 “The onboarding process seems to be very well organized. There is a chat function, enabling our team to contact CM.com at any time in an easy way. We also have multiple contact persons for any other related questions. The CM.com team is always open to provide help or listen to feedback. Our agents were ready to go without any hassle and our customers quickly reacted to this new option of communication. We use the platform efficiently and happily on a daily basis”

Johannes Stevense, Marketing Representative Qeld

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Looking Forward to the Future

Qeld looks forward to evaluating the cooperation and the platform together with CM.com and is happy to see if there are any more possibilities or functions to make use of in the future. 

 “I would recommend any company that is having customer contact on a regular basis to make use of CM.com’s solutions. The necessary processes are in place and the wide selection of WhatsApp features makes CM.com very nice to use. Get in contact with them and explain your needs. The wide variety of possibilities with CM.com makes it likely to find a solution.”

Orhan Vonk, Head of Collections Benelux Qeld

Want to Take Your Customer Communication to the Next Level?

Check out the possibilities of Mobile Service Cloud: one inbox, all channels. Read more about our integrated customer service software solution, or discuss the possibilities with one of our experts.

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