Research: Why customer service is led by emotions

Emotions affect how consumers interact with customer service. Discover what this means for your business.

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Customer service conversations involve a variety of emotions. Do these emotions affect how customers interact with agents? Or do interactions initiate these emotions?  

To find out, we've surveyed over 7000 consumers worldwide on why and how they contact customer service, how they feel while doing so and whether these feelings impact how they see brands.

Early UK-focused results show:

✅ 75% of reach out to customer service if there’s no other way

✅ 47% of are irritated when they contact customer service

✅ 45% of say their state of mind affects which channel they use

Download the full research to discover more.

Customer Service Research Methodology

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Download the full research report to find out why and how consumers interact with service departments - and how they feel while doing so.

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