Easily Send Text-2-Speech and Audio Messages.

Upload a text or audio file, select your contacts and send a personal message to your target group.

Evolve Your Mobile Marketing to the Next Level

With Voice Campaigns you can call out pre-recorded messages to your customers, completely automated, at any time. This is the perfect way to give your marketing campaigns a more personal touch, without the hassle of manually calling individual contacts. 

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Engage With Your Fans With a Personal Voice Message

Voice is a powerful channel to convey a message to your customers. With our latest web app you can send a voice campaign within a few clicks. Create an account and upload an audio file.

Use Text-2-speech or send pre-recorded voice messages to add a personal, high-impact touch to your marketing campaigns. For our Belgian customers, we can even send voice messages directly to a voicemail.

  1. Combine voice messages with messaging on the same platform

  2. Optimize your reach and conversion rates with voice messages

  3. Schedule marketing campaigns or use our APIs to automate messages

How Others Use Voice Campaigns?

CM.com’s Voice Campaigns enabled us to call all our dealership employees in the Netherlands with a powerful marketing message. We made a voice recording with the Dutch celebrity Ruud de Wild. With this voice message, we’ve managed to engage all our colleagues in the national campaign.

John de Wit - Campaign Manager, Toyota

Our supporters really liked the introduction of recorded voice campaigns at NAC. It helped us to reach our supporters in a creative and personal way, that fits the club values. We are sure that it played its role in increasing our ticket sales.

Jasper Saeijs - NAC Breda

Receive a Call From Your Idol

What's more touching than a personal, spoken message to people that care about you? With Voice Campaigns, sending an audio file via phone call to thousands is a simple job.

How cool is it to announce the sale of festival tickets with a call from performer Dua Lipa? Or to reach the fans of a sports club with a personal message from the trainer?

Combine a Voice Campaign with an SMS campaign and Landing Page, for example, to activate people and convert them.

Reach Your Goals With Every Message

The Customer Data Platform is the beating heart of the Mobile Marketing Cloud. It collects all your customer interactions and data into 360° unified profiles, no matter where the data comes from.

This ensures that you can seamlessly build segments by filtering on every possible profile property or demographics. Know who your customer is and how he or she interacts with your company.

Customer Data Platform
customer data platform rich profiles

Ready to Get Started With the Mobile Marketing Cloud?

Connect with your audience and go further than just Voice Campaigns with the Mobile Marketing Cloud. Drive more business combining Voice with SMS, Email and more mobile channels.

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