Join the CM.com & WhatsApp Roadshow - MEA

Conversational Marketing in Action - South Africa - July 4th & 6th, Kenya - July 11th, and Dubai - November 16th.



Experience conversational marketing in action

Are you struggling to provide a seamless digital experience for your customers across multiple touchpoints, resulting in a high abandonment rate? Do you want to learn how to meet your customers where they are with relevance and efficiency, using the latest conversational marketing tools?

Join us in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nairobi, or Dubai for an exclusive roadshow, designed specifically to answer these questions.

Topics we'll address during the event


We'll discuss the promises of past digital innovations and the need to understand customers from every angle, including their needs, behaviours, emotions, and levels of satisfaction.

The Challenge

We'll discuss how conversational messaging can improve the average 40% abandonment rates in eCommerce (due to the lack of continuity on websites that pull customers away from their routines).

The Solution

We'll intro you to the WhatsApp Business Platform and marketing automation software whilst demonstrating how conversational marketing and service can impact the entire customer journey.


We'll demonstrate and discuss the benefits of a conversational business, including supporting customers throughout the entire journey, from discovery to post-purchase support.

Meet the speakers

Our speakers from both CM.com and Meta will share their insights and knowledge, providing you with actionable steps that you can implement within your business. There will also be a Q&A session to address any questions you may have regarding WhatsApp Business Platform.

RSVP nowAbout the speakers

Lori Spruijt - Strategic Partner Manager, WhatsApp, Meta

With a background in (digital) marketing and driving the ads business of Meta, Lori currently focuses on business messaging. In her role she collaborates closely with WhatsApp partners in EMEA. She focuses on enabling valuable conversations across the customer journey for businesses. She’s looking forward to discussing how businesses can improve their customer relationships on WhatsApp.


Davey van Ginneke - Automation Product Owner, CM.com

With a background in both marketing and technology, Davey brings a unique perspective to the world of marketing automation and customer engagement. He is passionate about data, and helping businesses unlock the full potential of 1-1 personalisation through all relevant conversational channels such as WhatsApp. Davey has a true passion for improving everyday life with digital technologies.

What to expect

As part of the RSVP process, you can select one of four locations listed here. We'll follow up with a WhatsApp confirmation, where you'll complete a brief chatbot flow.

This will give you the chance to choose a personalised gift bag, inform us of any dietary requirements, and suggest topics you'd like Meta and CM.com to cover on the day.

Rest assured that we won't contact you again through WhatsApp after the event (unless you engage first).