Recurring Payments for Subscriptions and Billing.

With the recurring payment solution from, you can easily collect subscription fees or other returning payments.

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Payments Platform Recurring Payments

Accept Recurring Payments and Grow Your Repeat Business

Recurring payments are repeated payments on a period of time for subscriptions, memberships, repeat services and more. Offering a recurring payments solution can boost your sales, no matter what type of business you’re in.

Make sure customers keep coming back time and time again with our recurring payment technology built for any business, location, and payment setup.

With recurring payments, you can easily accept payments for any type of subscription and reduce cancellations and withdraws. 

  1. Frictionless Experience

    Provide a seamless checkout experience and a smooth and easy sign-up process. Keep your business on track and provide payment methods your customers know and trust.

  2. Get Paid Automatically

    Offer multiple payment options and increase chances of getting paid on time. No more late payments and no more chasing down customers.

  3. PCI DSS Compliant

    CM Pay is compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). These guidelines ensure that credit card data will be processed and stored in a secure manner.

Manage Recurring Payments as Efficiently as Possible

Easy to Implement, Powerful to Use

Direct Debit

Collect recurring payments from over 34 European countries via SEPA Direct Debit. Receive payments via SEPA within minutes while ensuring safe and secure transactions.

Credit Card

Offer automated recurring credit card payments for a convenient payment process. Increase cash flow and reduce costs with seamless one-click payments.

Recurring Payment Solutions for Fast-Growing Businesses

Turn Your Customers Into Loyal Customers

Automatic Subscriptions

With the combination of our identification methods and payment solutions, you can offer seamless and secure automatic subscriptions for customers.

Online Services

Recurring payments take care of all sorts of online services such as online advertising, software as a service, virtual service providers, mobile apps and gaming platforms.

payments api

Connect to Our Payment Gateway Through Our API

Our Payment/Order API communicates solely over HTTPS. Our API allows to communicate structured and reliable information between systems and is independent of any particular programming model.

Our current API allows customers to make use of all payment methods and functionalities.

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autocollect payment platform

Automated Follow-Up on Direct Debits

AutoCollect offers an easy way to improve your cash flow. Direct debit payments are automatically processed and you have insight in outstanding payments. Missed payments are automatically rescheduled or followed by an digital payment request.


  1. Offer multiple payment terms

  2. Benefit from an automated follow-up

  3. Get realtime insight into the paid and missed payment terms

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nac breda supporters

NAC Breda Collects Direct Debit Payments of Season Tickets

Besides Voice and SMS, NAC Breda uses the platform to collect direct debit payments of season tickets. Supporters can pay their NAC Breda season ticket in installments.

If the season ticket holder does not pay one of the terms, he will receive an SMS with the request to pay. This text message contains a link with which he can complete the payment directly. If the supporter meets the overdue payment, the season ticket is not blocked. These operations are fully automated thanks to AutoCollect.

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