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Accept Online and POS Payments on 1 Platform

Let your customers pay anywhere, anytime. Choose your payment methods and start accepting all payments on one platform.

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Accept All Payments With

Certified Payment Provider

Accept payments from all over the world in multiple currencies via different channels, and expand your global reach.

Omnichannel Payments

Receive both card and online payments in one platform, one portal, one dashboard, and one payout.

Conversational Commerce

Engage with your customers on their preferred messaging channels and let them pay within a conversation.

Innovative Payment Methods When Customers Need Them

Offer your customers their favorite way to pay from an all-in-one payments platform with one portal, dashboard, and flexible payout. Accept POS payments, online payments, payment links, and QR payments with

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Optimize Payments Across All Channels

Payment Methods for Seamless Check-Out

Accept local and global online payments and allow your customers to pay with their preferred payment methods.

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Advanced Payment Data

Get real-time and detailed reporting and clear insights on your payments and orders directly from the user-friendly e-commerce portal. 

Easy-to-Use APIs and Integrations

Easy-to-Use APIs and Integrations

Use our API to integrate online payments into your webshop or app and make use of all functionalities.

Or integrate our payment solutions into your platform with one of our 3rd party plug-ins

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Payment Service Directive
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Hear It From Our Customers

List of regulated & restricted activities

Do you wish to use CM Payments but are you not sure what the acceptance criteria are? Then look at this list of sectors and the rules CM Payments must comply with. The rules include the activities carried out, the location of the Merchant but also the location of the consumer.

Read acceptance criteria

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Smooth Payments for the Ultimate Dutch Grand Prix Experience

What is needed for the best Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix experience? A good, fair race of course. Racers who are on top of their game? Good food and a nice cold beer? All the above are true. But there are also unseen factors that contribute to a great day at the Dutch Grand Prix. Payments during an event are seen as a given, a necessary evil perhaps, but they can truly make or break the experience for a visitor. Learn more about our Payments solutions at the Dutch Grand Prix and how they contributed to this awesome event.

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7 Reasons Why the Future of Events Is Cashless

Everyone who has ever been to a festival is probably familiar with tokens, it’s part of festival heritage. Traditionally, event organizers used plastic token systems to help reduce the burden of moving cash around and create standardized pricing models. But welcome to 2022. Almost all event visitors are Gen Z and Millennials, who are used to paying with their cards everywhere they go. So why not at events? Here are 7 ways in which you can benefit from making your events completely cashless.

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How to Choose the Right Payment Service Provider

Payment Service Providers (PSP) can benefit your business greatly. They make it easier for you to accept payments from your customers all over the world by offering a platform that can adapt to accommodate multiple payment channels, methods and currencies as your business evolves. Additionally, they can be a more cost-effective alternative to using a payment gateway or setting up a merchant account. But how do you choose the right PSP for your business? Let's discuss the key features to look for and the questions to ask, to help decide which PSP has what it takes to enhance your business and help you grow.

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Wave Goodbye To Queuing And Crowded Bars At Your Events With Mobile Order

Whether it’s a football match, music festival, or classical concert, there’s nothing more annoying than standing at a crowded bar, fighting to get the barkeeper’s attention for a drink while you miss big chunks of the event. After all, it’s the reason you’re there in the first place. So how do we solve this? Let’s start by looking at something almost all visitors take to events with them: a smartphone. It is already widely used for e-ticketing, so why not also for ordering food and drinks, too? This is where’s Mobile Order product comes in. The exciting thing is that reducing queuing time isn’t the only benefit this technology can bring events organizers. Let’s take a closer look…

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How to make flexibility the key to every successful marketing strategy

It’s widely accepted that change is the only constant in the modern business environment (Forbes, 2017). If businesses don't build marketing strategies with built-in flexibility, they won’t be able to adapt to and respond to this change. You can have the best marketing strategy in the world, but if it doesn’t allow you to take advantage of an opportunity in almost real time, or change your messaging based on fluctuating market conditions, it won’t be successful for long. Changes in consumer behavior or new competitive offerings can make any good marketing strategy obsolete, but the ability to adapt allows businesses to respond to problems and seize new opportunities the moment they arise. Here is how modern communications platforms help businesses identify opportunities and respond with flexibility to give them a competitive advantage.

Apple Pay
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From Conversation to Conversion: Integrate Apple Pay within Apple Messages for Business

Familiar, safe, instant, personal. Just some of the reasons consumers prefer mobile messaging over calling and emailing to communicate with brands. With an added benefit for you: companies can transform mobile messaging channels into a sales channel. Get started with Apple Pay to increase sales revenue and customer satisfaction rates. Here’s how!

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