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Increase Revenue With QR Payments

Easy, secure and hassle-free payments with QR codes. No cash, cards or terminals - only the customers mobile phone.

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Lower Costs, Higher Payment Convenience: QR Payments

User-Friendly Payment Methods

Paying via a QR code is easy and safe with the use of the mobile phone. QR codes can be implemented in any desired situation. 

Save Costs

To get paid via mobile you don’t need separate hardware. Payments can be made safely and quickly by scanning a QR code with the mobile phone. 

Easy to Integrate, Easy to Combine

Integrate QR Payments into your cash register system and combine it with other popular payment methods. Connect it to your Customer Data Platform.

Receive Payments via Mobile

Mobile phones offer an additional payment option, on top of debit and credit cards, for shops or restaurants. You immediately see if the payment is successful and it offers the possibility to leave a personal message or thank you on the payer's phone. The applications are endless.

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iDEAL QR - Online Payments via iDEAL

iDEAL QR makes it possible to make mobile payments, both physical and in an online environment, via the most popular payment method iDEAL. With iDEAL QR the customer can pay quickly and easily on his mobile via a QR code.

With iDEAL QR the payment shifts to the customer's mobile phone. No more hassle with debit cards, terminals or cash. In addition, the mobile phone offers opportunities for companies to be in direct contact with the customer. For example for a digital receipt, satisfaction score or re-marketing purposes.

Scan the iDEAL QR code and make a donation to KWF.

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Bancontact QR - Online Payments via Bancontact

Bancontact processes more than 150,000 online transactions per day and is the most widely used payment method in Belgium.

With Bancontact QR, your Belgian customers can easily and quickly pay online with Bancontact. The customers simply scan the QR code with a mobile phone or tablet and are automatically forwarded to the online environment of one of the 20 participating banks. The Bancontact QR app can process payments up to € 500 per transaction.

Online payments with Bancontact are safe, fast and easy to use, for you and your customers.

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