Take your next step in conversational commerce

Get access to all next-gen communication channels

Communication Platform

Reach customers in real time via their preferred communication channels: WhatsApp, SMS, RCS, FB Messenger, Viber, Calls, Emails, and more.

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Next-Gen Payments

Process payments with local payment methods as well as Mastercard and Visa. Seamless POS solutions and tokenization.

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Access & Identity

Verify users with our identification methods, easily sign documents digitally, and use our event ticketing solution.

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Customer Data Platform

Gather data of your customers, trigger real time actions, and connect with your own data input.

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The mobile platform
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Text, Talk, Pay Access platform for enterprises

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Text, Talk, Pay Access platform for enterprises
Text, Talk, Pay Access platform for enterprises

Discover our solutions

send sms

Get in real contact with your customer so your messages no longer go unnoticed

randstad sms service

Employment agency Randstad notifies their database of job seekers with new vacancies as fast as possible.

sip trunk

Reach your target audience in a personal and effective way through voice

  • Call worldwide at lower cost through the SIP/VOIP platform
  • Build voice applications yourself with the flexible CM Voice API
Voice Voip solutions

Takeaway.com gets in touch with subscribed restaurants by phone if the order cannot be delivered to the restaurant through the normal method of delivery.

mobile payments

Allow safe, easy and flexible mobile payments of your products and services

sms service unicef

To enhance engagement to their mission and to give their actions a deeper meaning, UNICEF has enabled consumers to make donations by sending emoji's in SMS messages.

two factor authentication

Stay one step ahead to avoid cybercrime

push sms fallback

Democratic Alliance has traditionally relied on SMS for One Time PIN delivery but is keen to use Hybrid OTP to drive down the cost of these OTP’s for the future.

Companies using our platform

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