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Communicate and engage with your growing digital audience, turn their behavior into valuable insights and drive your revenue


Take the Interaction With Your Visitors to a Whole New Level

An event app enables you and your teams to better serve your fans, attendees, and sponsors, who are obviously responsible for your revenue streams.

So better be ready and meet the expectations of your fans mostly being Gen Z and Millenials now. 

Digital transformation is no longer optional

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Your Own Top-Notch App in the Stores

The event or festival app is for many festival-goers their holy source of information. So you better make it right! Keep them also engaged before and after your event by adding year-round media, music, news and other valuable content.

Seeing is believing, no?

Just download some of the apps that we’ve recently released for our customers on our download center. 

  1. 100% customized to your event or festival identity

  2. You're safe, it's completely GDPR ready

  3. Ready in a few weeks, not months

Core Features Include

Interactive map

Help your visitors to easily find all Places Of Interest (POI) on a Google map


Easily add your artists, stages and performances in different views

Ticket wallet

Make the journey seamless and reduce queues at the gates


Real-time or scheduled, linked to other content, including images.


An intelligent feed as the core driver for your engagement


A Powerful CMS With Insightful Dashboards

You are in complete control of your app with our handy CMS. In just a few clicks, you will manage all your in-app content, communications, and even swap around the navigation items. Meanwhile, learn from your users click behavior and engagement levels by checking real-time analytics and data insights.

  1. Grab the attention of visitors by sending push-notifications

  2. Extend marketing reach and create special in-app sales triggers 

  3. Get to know your visitors with visualized data & analytics

  4. No coding skills required, completely foolproof


A Great way of Embedding your Sponsors and Partners

Team up with sponsors and let your app become a revenue stream instead of a cost. Give them that precious brand visibility and let the app support their on-site brand activations and help them boost their ROI.

  1. Let a main sponsor become part of your app design

  2. Add branded cards to your feed & combine with push notifications

  3. Create a dedicated sponsor section with a list of partners 

  4. Brand POIs with logos, backgrounds, and promotional text

See Appmiral in Action at Pukkelpop

Meet Pukkelpop, one of our most loyal and innovative clients for over 8 years. Find out how their festival app helps them building next-generation experiences for their attendees.

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This Is How We Roll

  1. Together we chose the right plan

  2. We start building your app 

  3. We onboard your team on our CMS 

  4. We release your app in the stores 

  5. Time to launch your app to the world

Our Pricing

€249 p/m
  • Standard event app

  • Programmation & Information

  • Engage with your fans

  • Sponsor embeds

  • Data & analytics

€499 p/m
  • Customized menu structure

  • Workflow & content automation

  • Integrated ticket wallet

  • Advanced sponsor Embeds

  • Advanced data & analytics

  • Interactive map

  • Cashless integration

  • Ticket integration

  • Data alignment (SSO)

  • Location intelligence

Let’s Team Up!

Our fantastic team is 100% focused on helping event organizers and festival promoters to become more successful by driving their visitor experience and fan engagement next to assisting them in their digital transformation paths.

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