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Seated Ticketing

Seated Ticketing for the Ultimate Event Experience

Easily design your own floor plan and sell every seat in your venue.

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Discover the possibilities of our seated ticketing software together with our dedicated team. We can’t wait to hear more about your venue or event and are ready to help you kick-start your sales. 

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How to Get Started?

  1. Design your floor plan

  2. Create multiple events

  3. Create different ticket types

  4. Open your ticket shop

  5. Start your ticket sales

Seated ticketing Venue Designer

User-friendly Venue Designer

Start by designing an interactive floor plan that completely matches your venue. From seats (rings, compartments & rows) to general products and from hospitality zones to parking lots.

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    Customize by rotating, tilting, and distancing each seat

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    Choose the start and end of each row and choose the direction

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    Automatically create larger seat areas through length and width

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    Make your interactive by uploading an SVG file

Different Ticket Types

Endless Ticket Types and a Sales Plan

Based on your event, day, or seating area you need different ticket types (VIP, passe-partout, season pass, multi-day tickets, etc.). You can create these instantly by choosing the correct price and capacity. Afterward, start a sales plan and choose what, when, and for whom the ticket goes on sale.

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    Offer personalized pricing (65+, season pass) based on login

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    Offer time-based pricing that automatically adjusts

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    Offer the best available seats or let visitors pick their seat

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    Prioritize certain areas to avoid an empty-looking venue

Season Pass Ticket in the environment of a visitor

Offer My Environment to Your Visitors

Optionally or required, you can let your visitors login to their own environment. This provides a better insight into your visitors and gives them a clearer overview of their orders.

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    Clear overview of order history and the possibility to reprint

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    Give certain visitors certain rights (e.g. discounts or pre-sale)

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    Visitors can easily resell their tickets in your ticket shop

Guest Manager

Guest Manager for Partners & Sponsors

To efficiently serve your sponsors and business partners, you can use the Guest Manager. Here you can easily assign tickets that they can manage in their own environment.

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    Easily choose to which events your partners get access

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    Partners easily allocate an X number of tickets to their guests

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    Partners avoid competition sitting together by assigning tickets

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    Prevent no show by easily canceling and reassigning tickets

A Selection of Extra Features

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eCommerce Tracking

Track all activity within your shop (Google, Facebook & Custom Trackers)

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Enable contactless entrance by using this technology on tickets or passes

print icon

Link tickets to the printer of your preference (BOCA, card, desktop, etc.)

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Payment Methods

Offer different methods and receive a clear overview of each revenue stream

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Apply your own terms of conditions or change them per event

But There's Much More

Discover all the possibilities

(Cross-Event) Data & Analytics

Get real-time reports on (cross-event) sales, revenue, and orders. Or choose which data you want to know from your visitors. This can be exported or seen directly from your own dashboard.

Your Own Branding & Identity

Customize your ticket shop, e-mails, mobile and ticket templates to your own preference. Choose colors and upload your logo or other images. Do this for every event apart, or set a template.

Upselling & Cross Selling

Sell extra products in your ticket shop such as coins or tokens, parking tickets, and merchandise before your event has even started. Offer extra service and generate extra revenue.

Discount Campaigns

Automatically generate and download unique discount codes. Choose between a fixed amount, a percentage, per order, per ticket, how often and when it can be used or stimulate group discount.


Event Ticketing

No seated ticketing required for your event? Discover our General Admission product.

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Sport Clubs, Event & Unions

Discover all the possibilities besides ticketing to improve the engagement of your supporters.

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Music & Live Events

Discover how to create the ultimate event journey for your fans by combining ticketing with other tools.

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Plug & Play Solutions

Integrations with

Integrate With Third Parties

We already have integrations with great partners (KNVB C3V, SportsAlliance, Skidata, In3, Appmiral, or Afas Software). However, do you need to integrate with others? No problem! We have an open API that connects with third parties.


We will create tailored pricing based on your needs. Perhaps you prefer extra help at the beginning from our team, or maybe you are interested in our marketing solution. Seated ticketing is not offered as self-service tooling.

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