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Selling Tickets Is Just the Start

Engagement, powerful experiences and true personalization before, during and after your event.

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Industry Knowledge & Years of Experience

Specialized Solutions

Music & Live

We get the music industry! 

Bring your event to the next level when it comes to ticketing and an ultimate visitor experience.

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Ready to sell out your stadium? 

Set up everything you need to deliver the ultimate fan experience for your supporters.

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Parks & Museums

Let's welcome your visitors!

Time slots, group bookings, or unique & more. We can provide an exceptional visitor journey.

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All-in-one solution for your theater!

Provide unique experiences and engage with your guests at all stages.

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Next Level Marketing to Build Unique Experiences

Selling tickets is just the start; we understand that! Discover the magic of visitor data and reach your visitors with personalized communications on their favorite channels and devices. Offer your visitors a unique experience that goes beyond the actual visit and create the ultimate visitor experience through 1-on-1 communication.

  1. Control the customer journey through a digital flow

  2. Send videos, links, and audio messages via WhatsApp, SMS & e-mail

  3. Engage visitors at the right time and with the right message

  4. Create landing pages that offer opportunities

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Real-time Insights & User-friendly Dashboard

Mobile Ordering & Payment Solution for Your Visitors

Avoid queuing at your event and offer your visitors the possibility to order drinks anytime and anywhere via their cell phone. Create your own cash register terminal with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor and keep a continuous real-time overview of stocks and sales statistics.

  1. Easy ordering & payment for visitors, anytime, anywhere

  2. Collect visitor data for targeted upsell & cross-selling

  3. Use your mobile as a payment terminal during peak moments

  4. Analyze through extensive statistics and reporting tools

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Event App to Drive Experiences & Fan Engagement

Communicate and engage with your growing digital audience, fans and visitors. Encourage their experience with fun and valuable content year-round in a fully branded app. Attract attention with push notifications, offer a personalized newsfeed and timetable, use a dynamic map of your site and more!

  1. Manage everything through a dummy-proof CMS

  2. Gather visitors data and turn this into valuable insights

  3. Get your app in only a few weeks

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All-in-One-Ticketing Solution data profiles

Growing Businesses & Reselling Through Channel Management

Managing your resellers or activity providers is very time-consuming. We remove this hassle by connecting both parties through one API. Say goodbye to endless lists of barcode sheets, incorrect pricing and sold out tickets on weekends and hello to one dashboard where you can manage everything. 

  1. Set-up the best agreements with connected partners

  2. Expand your reach and attract visitors all over the world

  3. Sell tickets faster and easier

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Want to join? Let's Team Up!

Get to know all the possibilities for a unique ticketing experience. Register now on the CM.com platform and get started right away. Would you like more information? Then get in touch with us. We are ready to tell you more!

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