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Create a mobile order and payment experience for your visitors: quickly and seamlessly.

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Mobile Order Is the Payment Solution for These Markets

Festivals & Live Events

Enrich your visitors’ experience by letting them order and pay directly from their mobile phones. Mobile Order avoids long queues and waiting lines.

Sports Clubs & Events

No one wants to miss parts of the match! Let your supporters easily order and pay themselves, without having to miss a thing.

Hospitality & Leisure

Futureproof solution for the hospitality industry. Work more efficiently and serve your guests faster without compromising on hospitality. 

Simplify the Ordering and Payment Process

Simplify the Ordering and Payment Process

Present your mobile order page via a QR-code, link or in an app. Here your visitors can order and pay seamlessly in a secure environment. The order can either be picked up or served.

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Mobile Order

Efficient for Organizers

The entire ordering and payment process is taken out of the organizer's hands. Mobile Order is the ideal solution for events with little to no payment infrastructure. 

  1. Realtime insight into sales and revenue

  2. Reduce labor costs and easily estimate staffing

  3. Serve your visitors quickly, even during peak times

  4. No hardware is required (with optional printers and terminals)

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User-Friendly for Visitors

With Mobile Order, you enrich your visitors' event experience and ensure that they enjoy their visit to your event, match, festival, or venue to the fullest.

  1. Easy and quick ordering on any location without queues

  2. User-friendly and secure order and payment process

  3. No hard cash or lost coins

  4. Scan, order, pay & go


Save your visitors data

Get to know your visitors even better by combining Mobile Order with the Customer Data Platform. Create 360* visitor profiles with all relevant information (contact details, favorite drink, favorite food). Keep them engaged by sending them automated marketing flows by using the Mobile Marketing Cloud.

Our team can't wait to help you find out how you can use our solutions at your event or in your hospitality business.

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Everything You Need in One Solution

Mobile is mobile

Mobile order is a browser app, so available on every device

Management Dashboard

Analyze orders, products, locations and optimize your inventory


The shop can be used in 50 different languages for international visitors


Use your own look and feel by adding personal images and brand colors

Payment Methods

Offer your visitors different payment methods and different currencies

Pricing - Mobile Order *

Tailor-Made Price Packages

* Prices do not include variable costs per payment, SMS notifications and printer rental

Basic Avanced Pro
Basic Avanced Pro

€ 19 / month

€ 69 / month

On request >

1.000 orders included

2.500 orders included

5.000 orders included

Support: Via email

Support: Telephone / Chat

Support: Customer Service

* Prices do not include variable costs per payment, SMS notifications and printer rental

Discover More Payment Possibilities for Your Event or Venue offers many more possibilities to help your event or venue with the order and payment process. We have an extensive cash register, hardware and even the possibility to turn every device into a pin terminal. Curious?

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