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Whether you're connecting customers to their dream car or improving fulfilment, we have the tools to make it happen.

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Logistics and transport in numbers


the number of dealership visits before a purchase – down from 8 before COVID-19 (CarWow).

From 24 to 2 hours

Customers may expect their parcel deliveries within hours after placing their orders and updates.

Worth $12 trillion by 2023

The logistics market is one of the fastest-growing markets, expected to hit $12 trillion by 2023.

You deliver the experience,
we deliver the tools

With the right technology, mail, postal services, automotive and freight and delivery services can speed up manual business processes, and increase the level of service within your business.

Meet multichannel customer demand on the move

As the world of logistics and transport becomes increasingly complex, businesses must find ways to streamline their operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Freight and Delivery Services

Improving the customer experience remains a key strategy for growth within the transport industry - from delivery notifications to customer service queries, engage on the channels most convenient for your customers.


Mail and Postal Services

Alert your customers when a package is due for arrival on their preferred messaging channel. Let your customers reschedule delivery times on the go. Enable customers to choose delivery times or pick-up locations to improve customer services.



What the customer really wants is a car-purchasing process that is personalised and fun. From connected cars to connected customers, we have the tools to ensure you stay connected to your drivers.

mobile marketing cloud personalize messages

Get to know your customers better

Whether you're connecting customers to their dream car or improving fulfilment - automate your marketing campaigns with segments and workflows whilst keeping campaigns hyper-personalised.

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Stand out with an excellent customer experience

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