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May 09, 2024
6 minutes read

Happy clients, happy agents: the platform effect in customer service

As a member of the customer service team, you stand on the frontline of customer interaction every day. In a world where customers demand quick and personalized service, long wait times, impersonal responses, or worse, incorrect answers, can quickly drive a customer away. Your goal, however, is to connect customers with your organization and deliver the best answers and service possible.

Marleen van Dam
Marleen van Dam,
Content Marketer

It’s incredibly satisfying to see a customer leave a conversation happier and eager to purchase your product. Your efforts can significantly enhance the customer experience, but you need the right tools to truly excel. Integrating these tools into a platform amplifies your capabilities and lets you experience the power of the platform effect.

Automation that helps rather than replaces

It's a common question: Does automation replace roles within customer service? A valid concern, but the answer is a resounding no. Automation is designed to support, not replace. Imagine if an agent only had to answer repetitive questions—nobody would be happy with that. It's far better when repetitive queries are automated, leaving time for more complex issues that require a personal touch. But even with these more complex queries, agents can be well-supported, for instance, by using Artificial Intelligence in their existing service tools.

A GenAI Engine integrated within an agent's inbox provides automated, quick, and relevant response suggestions. It delivers these in the correct tone of voice and the necessary translations. Additionally, it provides summaries of previous conversations and interactions with the customer.

By leveraging this data in combination with the power of artificial intelligence, the productivity of agents is enhanced, leaving room for additional advice. That bit of extra advice and service often strengthens customer loyalty. This can make a crucial difference in customer experience, but the customer service team must have the right tools to do their work effectively.

AI in customer service

  • Suggested answer suggestions and conversation summaries

  • The correct Tone of Voice (TOV), writing style and language

  • More relevant answers in seconds

Seamlessly switch between channels and interactions

Customers choose their preferred communication channel and expect you to effortlessly move with them. Whether a conversation starts with a message via a chatbot in the online store and then continues via WhatsApp, an agent must be able to start the conversation on one channel and continue it seamlessly on another without any disruption. This enhances customer satisfaction and reduces frustration on both sides of the conversation.

To achieve this, all customer information must be directly and clearly available, without the need to switch between different systems. A platform with a unified inbox ensures that all interactions and customer data come together in one central place. Whether a customer has previously been contacted via email, chat or social media, there is immediate access to the full history and context. This makes it easier to respond quickly and adequately, making conversations not only shorter but also more personal.


One platform as a catalyst for growth, efficiency and flexibility

Besides aiming for shorter and more personal interactions, efficiency is also crucial. Data and analytics play a key role here by connecting all interactions within one platform. This data enables you to understand what customers need and when. These insights can help you act proactively, identify trends and continuously improve your service. For example, if a customer has a question about a product that requires a complementary product to function optimally, pointing this out during the interaction can prevent further questions later in the process and enhance the product experience. However, the necessary knowledge is not always readily available due to the often extensive product range. A platform that provides access to this data and acts as a single source of truth is, therefore, the perfect solution, by leveraging consistency across all service interactions. It enables you to quickly and easily have the necessary knowledge available.

An integrated platform with all customer service tools also offers significant growth opportunities. It makes your team scalable and easily adaptable to the size and needs of your business, which is mostly needed during peak periods. That’s why YourSurprise – a webstore for personalized gifts – uses chatbot Gifty to answer frequently asked questions.

Next to that, YourSurprise brings in colleagues from the marketing team to assist during Black Friday and the Holiday Season. Thanks to a centrally accessible knowledge base on the platform with AI-driven tooling that offers suggested answers, they can be of great value during these busy times by answering many questions. Moreover, the integration of these tools into one platform, combined with the automation of repetitive questions, makes the work much more enjoyable.

As the more complex questions remain for live support, the role of the agent shifts from a simple responder to that of an advisor, leading to better customer service. Happy customers also make happy agents. By providing fast, efficient and personalized service, agents not only build strong relationships with customers but also experience greater personal satisfaction in their work. A unified platform enables the entire customer service team to bring out their best every day.

How's Engagement Platform enhances customer service

As part of the customer service team, you are the hub of customer relationships. An Engagement Platform equips you with the tools to fulfill this role with confidence and success. The tools of this platform include Mobile Service Cloud, Conversational AI Cloud, Customer Data Platform and Generative AI Engine.

Our Mobile Service Cloud allows you to efficiently manage all customer communications from a single interface, enhancing responsiveness. Together with the other components, this improves coordination and speed of service delivery.

Next, our Conversational AI Cloud also offers advanced chatbot technology that automatically handles routine questions, allowing agents to focus on more complex issues. This AI works seamlessly with the Mobile Service Cloud by smoothly transferring conversations to human agents when necessary.

engagement-platform-blog-imageWith our Customer Data Platform, you have all the relevant customer profile information at hand to deliver personalized support to each individual customer. Last, our Generative AI Engine generates dynamic, personalized responses that are not only relevant but also contextually adapted to the tone and style of customer interaction. This engine enhances the capabilities of both the Mobile Service Cloud and the Conversational AI Cloud by enabling deeper insights and customization.

By embracing technology that supports and enhances you, you can elevate every customer interaction. Are you ready to transform your work and make a difference every day? Discover how’s Engagement Platform can help you excel.

Discover more about our the Engagement Platform

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