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Jun 26, 2023
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How to make the most of WhatsApp Business Search

WhatsApp Business has continued supporting businesses by introducing its search functionality, WhatsApp Business Search. WhatsApp users can now easily find firms to interact with, meaning customers can get answers faster whenever they want. But what is WhatsApp Business Search? And how can your business engage customers via the search functionality?

What is the WhatsApp Business search functionality?

The WhatsApp Business search functionality allows consumers to find and contact verified businesses on WhatsApp quickly. Visa versa, the feature enables companies to expand and connect with customers.

The feature can be easily located within the familiar environment of WhatsApp and lets customers speak with businesses as they would talk with family and friends. Consumers can start a new chat, select Businesses under 'Discover' and search for a business name. Or, choose a brand to speak to via the list of favored brands, also known as the popular business section.

Once a brand has been selected, consumers can start conversations free of charge, whether seeking information about store opening times, enquiring about a recent order, or searching for a particular product.

As of early 2023, the WhatsApp Business search functionality is only available in Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, and the UK. For these businesses, that means being discovered and speaking with many more customers.

What businesses are searchable?

The searchable and listed businesses within this WhatsApp Business feature are all verified accounts registered in a particular country, so consumers will only see US businesses if they’re searching in the US, Colombian companies if they're searching in Colombia, etc.

How to engage with customers using the WhatsApp Business search functionality

The WhatsApp Business search functionality enables brands to optimize customer engagement via inbound inquiries. To fully benefit from the search functionality and handle these inquiries,

WhatsApp Business has some key features.

  • Business Profile: WhatsApp Business profiles contain all the information consumers want about businesses, showing the company is trustworthy and attracting potential new customers to reach out.

  • Quick Replies: Quick replies allow businesses to provide customers with pre-written answers, responding to consumers promptly and efficiently.

  • Product Catalogue: Catalogues enable brands to showcase products and services, making it easier for customers to find what they're looking for and, therefore, are more likely to purchase.

  • Interactive Buttons: Interactive buttons mean users can respond by clicking a button rather than typing it, simplifying how businesses interact with customers.

  • Contact Labels: Contact labels allow companies to organize their contacts by tagging and labeling conversations, making it easier to categorize and manage customer interactions more efficiently.

How to grow your business on the WhatsApp Business search functionality

Simply having a verified WhatsApp Business account isn't enough to help your business grow on WhatsApp Business Search. Yes, consumers looking to contact a particular company will find them through the search function. But what about those consumers looking for a new business? Consistency is key here.

The popular business section lists verified accounts in categories, such as shopping, travel, and hotels, or automotive, and is updated daily. These businesses are selected due to being highly engaged, responsive and regularly converse with consumers via the channel. So, if a company is all of the above, it will appear on the popular list. Yet, if its engagement dwindles, it will no longer be shown. So, ensure your engagement is consistent and stay on top of the popular businesses, enabling potential new and existing customers to find you.

What's next for WhatsApp Business?

The WhatsApp Business search functionality is now available within the Discover Businesses feature. This Yellow Pages-style business directory allows consumers to find and contact non-verified businesses safely and conveniently via the channel. As of early 2023, the Discover Businesses feature is only available in Brazil. However, the feature will soon roll out in the UK, Indonesia, Colombia, and Mexico, where the WhatsApp Business search functionality is currently available.

Get started with WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business and the WhatsApp Business search functionality can enable your business to build its presence and provide always-on, personalized support on one of the most popular messaging channels, WhatsApp. Are you interested to find out how you can get started with WhatsApp Business? Work with a recognized WhatsApp Business Platform provider like Reach out to our experts and start the conversation today.

Discover how to expand your business and connect with customers on WhatsApp with, a recognised WhatsApp Business Platform provider.

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