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May 15, 2020
3 minutes read Expands Its Presence in East Africa, Providing Conversational Commerce Solutions for Kenyan Businesses talks of its strategic move of opening an office in Kenya to serve its wide range of customers in a localized way. Always at the forefront of connecting people in new and unique ways, recently increased its global footprint by launching in Kenya on 1 May 2020. By hiring local Country Manager John Mugwe, as well as having a new dedicated website for the region, the company’s main objective is to drive seamless communication between businesses and customers across Africa.

James Bayhack,’s Sub-Saharan Africa Director, explains, “Our new Kenyan branch will allow local organisations to leverage off our all-in-one platform and embrace conversational commerce, taking their customer experience to the next level.”

“With only a handful of pure CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) providers in the East African region, we saw Kenya as a prime, underserved market to introduce our unique communication solutions to,” Bayhack adds.

Combining messaging, voice, authentication, digital signatures, event ticketing and customer data software in a single platform, offers businesses exceptional customer engagement and convenience.

Helping the likes of BMW, Toyota, and Formula 1 to connect with their customers more authentically and efficiently across mobile channels, launching in a second African country known for its mature mobile market was the next logical step for (its South African office was set up in January 2016).

“Kenya’s mobile penetration rates have surpassed 100%, with many locals owning more than one SIM card and a smartphone. Domestic SMS traffic for 2018 alone was over 15,4 billion, and data costs continue to fall. These were just some of the motivations behind our decision to expand our mobile offering into Kenya,” Bayhack comments.

“The tech hub serves as a gateway to East Africa, allowing regions like Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda to connect to the rest of the world. We look forward to making a significant difference in the region, with our sights set on becoming the leading CPaaS vendor in East Africa,” Bayhack adds.

The company has also revealed that it will be focusing on local talent, only hiring Kenyans with experience in the mobile market to help drive’s African expansion strategy forward. While the company is excited to launch the all new Kenyan website sometime next week, customers can visit the South African website for assistance until then.

“An organisation is only as strong as its people, and we are proud to work with employees who are just as dedicated to meaningful connections as we are. Consumers will always choose businesses that go the extra mile to make their experiences more personalised and efficient, and that’s what drives us.”  

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connects tens of thousands of companies with millions of consumers via their mobile phone each day. Behind the scenes, from our innovative platform, makes sure companies can use these millions of messages, phone calls and payments to become part of people’s lives.

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