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For its new campaigns, Coca-Cola aimed to take the customer experience to the next level with WhatsApp Business and Chatbot. x Coca-Cola

Each technology not only makes life easier for users but also provides advantages to companies in many aspects. Coca-Cola, which always meets its consumers with the most innovative, entertaining, and easy-to-participate campaigns, chose and its solutions for its new campaigns.


Scan. Enter. Win.

"Scan. Enter. Win." campaigns, in which many consumers may have participated at least once, is one of the most effective promotional activities during big events or daily campaigns throughout the year. These promotions not only help consumers to feel the spirit but also make them a part of the event with the prizes.

After having a successful project in Euro 2020 Football Cup, x Coca-Cola cooperation continues as part of the ICC T20 World Cup and daily campaigns in different countries.

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The Kick-Off

Coca-Cola was seeking a hassle-free experience for its consumers while giving them gifts during the Euro 2020 Football Cup. Consumers that sent the codes on the bottles would win dozens of prizes with a weekly draw. There was also a need for a reliable solution to handle such an important campaign that appeals to large audiences. After many negotiations, it was decided on WhatsApp Business as the most efficient channel possible and Chatbot as the solution that will automatically manage and run all required steps.

Challenges had to overcome three main challenges experienced in traditional communication channels:

  1. Instant Feedback

  2. Authentication

  3. System Abuse


WhatsApp Business

As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, where 2 billion WhatsApp users can chat with a business, we were aware of the popularity of this channel as well as the high demand for the Coca-Cola brand on its own.

Thanks to the necessary settings and infrastructure arrangements, we were able to provide a smooth service with 100% uptime, both during the tournament and in subsequent uses.

In other words, this was the step where all the fun begins, after scanning the QR code on Coca-Cola bottles or dialing in the WhatsApp line to send the codes.


After the campaign setup and channel selection, the last step was to deploy the solution that smoothly manages all these processes without requiring any human intervention, namely the Rule-Based Chatbot included in's Mobile Service Cloud platform.

Replies to codes or messages sent by the consumer, the time they have to wait before the system triggers the next message, and how the user will be guided in case of possible incorrect code redemption or invalid requests were all defined in the workflow step-by-step.

Overcoming the Challenges

Instant Feedback

At we believe the power of the "Mobile First" approach. In this case with Coca-Cola, we knew that WhatsApp and Chatbot would provide more agile and flexible options compared to all other communication channels such as SMS or e-mail. Thanks to pre-defined actions, not a single participant was left in doubt after sending an incorrect code or completing all necessary steps. In other words, every participant was guided instantly in every case throughout the journey.


According to some countries and tournament rules, consumers are being asked to share their age before submitting their codes. If the consumers' age is eligible to participate according to the defined criteria in the Chatbot, then they are allowed to proceed into the next step where they will be required to submit their codes. Otherwise, regardless of submitting a correct code before reaching to relevant step, the system was set to reject their submission.

System Abuse

Sometimes having an easy-to-participate campaign format might cause an easy way to abuse as well. A user could submit the same code multiple times, try his luck with the wrong codes over and over, or someone who is rejected once due to an age limitation could restart the conversation with an incorrect age statement. Thanks to our Chatbot's capability, all these worst scenarios were defined to the flow to prevent any cheating or gaining an unfair advantage.

noc network operation center

Integration Capability and 24/7/365 Support

Perhaps one of our strongest abilities to achieve success in our partnership with Coca-Cola was our integration flexibility. Instant confirmation of the code submitted or notification regarding the prize winner was all made available by reliable web service integration among different systems.

Moreover, we find it important for our partners and customers to always have somebody at the office with proper knowledge of the project who can provide the right support.

We had the pleasure to provide necessary assistance 24/7 for Coca-Cola to ensure a smooth experience and a successful journey to their consumers.

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