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How to Get Started With A2P 10DLC Texting

What is 10DLC? If you think it’s the latest texting acronym, think again. 10DLC A2P is taking SMS technology to new heights for businesses. It’s a secure, inexpensive, and fast way for your company to send SMS text messages. Let’s learn more about A2P 10DLC and why you’ll love making the switch for your business texting needs.

I. So, What Is 10DLC?

10DLC (10-digit long code), also known as “commercial long code,” is the new standard in A2P text messaging. It enables businesses to send bulk SMS texts from a 10-digit local phone number. 10DLC numbers are the latest iteration of A2P business text messaging, offering high volume throughput and flexibility at a reasonable cost.

Initially, 10-digit A2P (application-to-person) messaging was designed for one-on-one communication. It was not sanctioned for SMS usage. As business text messaging and SMS marketing grew in popularity, so did the demand for increased messaging capabilities. Dedicated and shared shortcodes were introduced, but both had their drawbacks.

Dedicated shortcodes (5-6 digit numbers) proved to be a faster way to send bulk texts but were cost-prohibitive for most businesses. Shared short codes became the happy medium for business texting. Still, they were plagued with security and spam issues, prompting carriers to discontinue their usage.

AT&T announced they would stop activating new shared shortcodes for A2P SMS campaigns in October 2018. Other mobile carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint followed, and shared shortcodes are all but extinct for most business useage.

II. Benefits of 10DLC SMS

Technology is always moving forward, not backward. As previously mentioned, 10DLC is the new generation of business A2P SMS. Here are some benefits of switching to 10DLC:

  • Improved compliance and deliverability

  • Easy campaign tracking

  • Enhanced consumer trust via local number recognition

  • Increased security

  • High throughput rate (more messages sent per minute)

  • More affordable than toll-free phone numbers or dedicated shortcodes

  • Easy conversion from existing numbers, providing brand recognition

  • Text and voice communication

  • Unlimited keyword availability

III. What Are Alternatives to 10DLC?

Is moving to 10DLC required? No. You can still send business texts from local long codes without 10DLC for a while, but your texts may eventually get blocked. Continued use of shared shortcodes will result in delivery rate declines as carriers begin halting shared short code traffic.

Let’s review the alternatives to 10DLC: Dedicated shortcodes and toll-free numbers.

Using Dedicated Short Codes for A2P SMS


  • Bulk messages can be sent easily

  • Vanity shortcodes are memorable and provide brand recognition

  • Texts are spam-resistant due to carriers’ campaign pre-approval

  • Endless keyword availability


  • Expensive, varying from $750 to $1500 per month

  • Restrictive on what you can send

  • Hard to set up, taking two to three weeks

  • Highly regulated and state-specific

Using Toll-Free Numbers for A2P SMS


  • Faster and cheaper than dedicated shortcodes

  • Enabled for business text traffic

  • Free calling/texting for consumers


  • Text-enabled toll-free (TEFT) numbers are not free for consumers to text; standard message rates may apply

  • Can appear spammy or impersonal, affecting customer engagement

IV. How to Start Sending SMS Campaigns Using 10DLC

How do you get started with converting to 10DLC? First, you must register with Campaign Registry, a centralized hub for A2P 10DLC messaging campaigns. Brands and Campaign Service Providers (CSPs) must be verified before sending messages via 10DLC.

Mobile carriers are working with Campaign Registry to enable businesses to verify and register their SMS campaigns. The Campaign Registry uses an algorithm to review specific company criteria to assign you a “Trust Score.”

The Trust Score determines your messaging throughput or the speed at which your messages are sent. The higher your Trust Score, the higher your messaging throughput. connects directly with Campaign Registry, so you don’t have to go through a third party to get started. Campaign Registry charges a one-time $4 fee to register your organization. You will then be charged a $10 registration fee per campaign, per month.

V. Partner With for 10DLC A2P Texting

Still not sure what type of A2P SMS messaging to use for your customer communications and marketing campaigns? No problem. supports all four types of business texting numbers: local long code messaging, toll-free long code, dedicated short code, and 10DLC.

Why wait another day to get started? For more information on 10DLC and SMS marketing in general, please reach out!

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