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What is Mobile Marketing?

More so than ever, smartphones have become a part of our everyday life. That's why it's also more important than ever, for businesses to start focusing their efforts on mobile marketing – an emerging new marketing strategy that provides new opportunities for your business. Mobile marketing capitalizes on your customers when they're on their mobile phones (these days, is most of the time), to maximize your engagement rate. This article will go through and explain what mobile marketing is, exactly along with best practices for how to use it, and what mobile channels your business should be honing in on to reach your customers.

Introduction: What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a form of digital marketing that's strategically focused on reaching a target audience by distributing content directly to their smartphone, tablet, laptop, and/or other mobile device.

Mobile marketing is rapidly emerging and highly effective for engaging a magnitude of different customer profiles. Mobile marketing is effectively a digital marketing strategy that capitalizes on the habits of today's mobile-centric users by leveraging multi-channel marketing platforms including websites, e-mails, SMS "text messages," MMS, social media, chat apps, push notifications, and many more.

With mobile marketing you can reach your customers anytime and anywhere. To start with mobile marketing you need to decide through which channels you want to communicate, for example via SMS, WhatsApp or Voice. Choose the channel that your customers prefer.

In addition, you must determine what your goal is. You can use mobile marketing in every phase of the customer journey, for example to create brand awareness or to stimulate purchases. Mobile marketing contributes to a lot of purposes. Check out some examples of mobile marketing channels and use cases below...

I. 5 Examples of Mobile Marketing

  • 1. SMS Marketing Using Mobile Landing Pages

SMS is still the channel with the highest open rate. 98% of recipients open an SMS message. It's no surprise that brands still like to use this channel.

Enrich your SMS message with mobile landing pages. This way you can send new items or temporary offers and coupon codes. You can share online surveys for insights into customer satisfaction or send a personal ticket with a QR code for an event.

a campaign over SMS, a mobile landing page, and the website itself*Source: Message media

  • 2. WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is currently the most used communication channel. Make sure your customers can communicate with your brand through WhatsApp. Answer all your customers' questions and provide the requested support. By adding WhatsApp as a communication channel, you take your customer service to a higher level.

From Conversation to Conversion

Does a customer ask for a specific product? Offer the possibility to buy the product directly in the chat. With our payment links and in-app payment solutions, your customers' can make purchases without leaving the chat.

mobile ticket received over whatsapp*Source:

  • 3. Apple Messages for Business

Create a direct connection to iOS device users with Apple Messages for Business. Customers can contact your brand when it suits them through their preferred messaging channel. In addition, it is possible to complete a purchase within this medium with Apple Pay. This improves customer service and makes a purchase easier than ever.

*Source: Pocket-lint

  • 4. Voice Marketing

Voice Campaigns is a powerful channel that allows brands to relay pre-recorded audio messages to customers en masse. Creating meaningful and thoughtful pre-recorded voice messages for your target audience is a highly impactful mobile marketing tactic that allows you to reach a large audience at scale using a highly personalized touch.

Use Cases?

  • A client helped jumpstart ticket sales for a music festival with a pre-recorded phone call from a featured performer, Dua Lipa, herself!

  • Another client got their soccer fans hyped up with a pre-recording message from the coach cheering the team and fans on with a motivational speech to rally the upcoming game.

voice campaign from Dua Lipa*Source:

  • 5. "Quick-Response" Barcode (QR-code)

QR codes (also known as "Quick Response" codes) can be easily scanned using any mobile phone with a QR code scanner native to their camera. Alternatively, QR codes can also be used with a variety of QR Code Scanner mobile apps available to download for free at any mobile app store.

QR codes can be easily customized to send customers to a website link, phone number, contact record, image, email, and many other mobile channels and content.

Creating a QR code is another mobile marketing tactic that directs customers to a landing page that presents more information about your product or service. The process of building, customizing, and generating a unique QR code is a popular mobile marketing tactic, and provides a fast, easy, and an enjoyable experience for both brands and customers.

scan QR code and see latest juice flavors*Source: Beaconstac

II. Mobile Marketing and Personalization

The most important aspect of mobile marketing is to ensure that the message corresponds to the wishes of your audience. The channel, message and timing are important. Make it personal. But how do you do that?

With's Customer Data Platform (CDP) you can create 360 ° customer profiles. The CDP collects customer data such as personal identifiers, website visits, mobile app sessions, email responses, chat transcripts, customer service interaction audio recordings, social media comments, and purchase orders. This way you ensure that your message is as personal as possible and corresponds to your customers' wishes. This increases customer loyalty, conversions and retention.

III.'s Mobile Marketing Cloud

The Mobile Marketing Cloud (MMC) is a 100% mobile-driven omnichannel marketing automation platform. Mobile Marketing Cloud empowers businesses with tools to create seamless customer journeys unique to every stage in their buyers' journey. With Mobile Marketing Cloud, easily reach your customers on their favorite mobile channel by automating and personalizing messages. Mobile Marketing Cloud helps eliminate any guess work involved with sending targeted campaigns with a fully-integrated omnichannel technology equipped with real-time automation, smart event and/or action-driven triggers, and more.

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