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Oct 29, 2020
5 minutes read

What is mobile marketing?

More than ever, our smartphones are part of our lives and focusing on mobile marketing provides new opportunities for your business. Your customers are on their mobile phones regularly, so make sure you reach them there. In this article you'll learn what mobile marketing is, how to use it, which channels to use and how you can respond to your customers' needs.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is communicating with your customers through mobile devices – whether they're on smartphones or tablets. With mobile marketing you can reach your customers anytime and anywhere through a variety of channels. Initially, you'll need to decide which of these channels you want to use to communicate, whether that's SMS, WhatsApp or Voice and, most crucially, you'll need to find out which channel your customers prefer.

In tandem with this, you'll need to determine what your goal is. You can use mobile marketing in every phase of the customer journey – to create brand awareness or to stimulate purchases, for example. With that in mind, here are some examples of mobile marketing to inspire you:

Mobile marketing examples

  • SMS Marketing with mobile landing pages

SMS is still the channel with the highest open rate. 98% of recipients open an SMS message, so it's no surprise that brands still favour this channel.

Enrich your SMS message with mobile landing pages, so that you can send new items or temporary offers and coupon codes. You can share online surveys for insights into customer satisfaction, or send a personal ticket with a QR code for an event.

a campaign over SMS, a mobile landing page, and the website itself*Source: Message media

  • WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is currently the most used communication channel, so it's important to make sure your customers can communicate with your brand through WhatsApp. With the ability to answer your customers' questions quickly and provide support in realtime, adding WhatsApp as a communication channel can take your customer service to the next level.

From Conversation to Conversion

Is your customer asking for a specific product? Then why not give them the opportunity to buy the product directly in the chat? With our payment links and in-app payment solutions, your customers' can make purchases without leaving the chat.

mobile ticket received over whatsapp*Source:

  • Apple Messages for Business

Create a direct connection to iOS device users with Apple Messages for Business. Customers can contact your brand when it suits them through their preferred messaging channel and it's also possible to complete a purchase within Business Chat via Apple Pay. This improves customer service and makes purchasing easier than ever.

*Source: Pocket-lint

  • Voice Marketing

Voice Campaigns is a powerful channel to convey a message to your customers by sending pre-recorded voice messages to personalise your marketing campaigns.

How cool is it to kick off the ticket sale of a festival with a phone call from Dua Lipa who'll be performing at the event? Or to reach the fans of a football club with a personal message from the manager?

voice campaign from Dua Lipa*Source:

  • Quick-Response barcode (QR-code)

QR codes are easily scanned using a phone's camera, directing the customer to a landing page where they can find more information.

scan QR code and see latest juice flavors*Source: Beaconstac

Mobile Marketing and Personalisation

The most important aspect of mobile marketing is to ensure that the message corresponds to the wishes of your audience. The channel, message and timing are important. Make it personal. But how do you do that?

With's Customer Data Platform (CDP) you can create 360° customer profiles. The CDP collects customer data such as personal identifiers, website visits, mobile app sessions, email responses, chat transcripts, customer service interaction audio recordings, social media comments, and purchase orders. This way you can ensure that your message is as personal as possible and corresponds to your customers' needs, increasing customer loyalty, conversions and retention.'s Mobile Marketing Cloud

The Mobile Marketing Cloud (MMC) is an omni-channel marketing automation tool that's fully focused on mobile. With the MMC you create unique customer journeys for every scenario and reach your customers automatically on their favourite mobile channel with a personalised message, letting our omni-channel automation tool do the work for you.

More about the Mobile Marketing Cloud >>

The #1 Marketing Cloud Truly Focused on Mobile

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