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Optimized their customer service with Mobile Service Cloud. Revolution Beauty improved productivity and got better insights. 

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Developing Products Based on Feedback

If there’s one company that truly stands for diversity and inclusivity, it’s Revolution Beauty. Launched in 2014, the brand was founded with the mission of disrupting beauty standards and developing accessible products directly from customer feedback. Today, Revolution Beauty is one of the most notable players in the beauty and skincare scene. As customer feedback plays a vital role within their business, Revolution Beauty is always improving their customer service. To keep challenging existing standards, Revolution Beauty started using Mobile Service Cloud

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Constant Flow of Messages

With millions of fans, followers, and customers, Revolution Beauty interacts with hundreds of people each day. This means constantly receiving messages and requests through its website, social media accounts, email, and more. While the brand’s customer service team has always done a good job of serving Revolution Beauty’s customers, they knew that they could be more efficient. They started looking for a way to maximize their productivity. 

Three Main Challenges

1. Support messages weren’t assigned efficiently, which led to service reps cherry-picking messages and, at times, meant urgent issues were not resolved immediately. 

2. Conversations with the same customer in different channels were scattered over various systems, preventing the team from delivering a seamless service experience. 

3. Insights such as ‘how team members spent their time’ or ‘which issues were getting the most queries’ were not clear.

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Omnichannel Support System

The solution: Mobile Service Cloud. As an omnichannel support system, Mobile Service Cloud consolidates all support channels into one view. So, if a customer reaches out via both email and Facebook Messenger, Mobile Service Cloud displays both these conversations under one customer profile. This enables Revolution’s service team to have a clear picture of each customer’s issue, allowing them to offer a seamless service experience. 

Assigning Incoming Messages

Assigning incoming messages to the right service rep is also more streamlined in Mobile Service Cloud. The tool automatically sends queries to service reps based on how many outstanding messages they have. Mobile Service Cloud helps Revolution’s team become significantly more efficient in their handling of queries. This led to an increase in productivity by 50%! Another essential feature that keeps inboxes clean is the ability to ‘snooze’ a conversation.

Customer Service Manager Katie Hucks Says:

“Mobile Service Cloud enables you to snooze a message so that it will pop back up, which is very good. If we’re waiting for an internal response or waiting for one of our couriers to get back to us, you can snooze that message for an amount of time, and it will pop back up at the top of your inbox”.

Improved Productivity & Innovation

After implementing Mobile Service Cloud, Revolution Beauty customer service representatives slashed a backlog of 2,000 messages to zero, within 14 days. Service representatives can now handle 15 messages per hour each. The consolidated view increased efficiency: no need to look for previous messages or contact via other channels. It's all there. The features of Mobile Service Cloud such as ‘snoozing’ or the automated allocation of queries improved productivity and solve rates. With great insights via the reporting features, Revolution Beauty really uses customer's feedback to optimize and innovate.

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