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May 28, 2021
4 minutes read

17 SMS Customer Service Templates to Use Today

Using SMS customer service templates not only saves time but lets your support team create personalized, on-brand communications with just a few clicks. Today we’ll share business text message templates you can use to give your customers the information they need — fast.

Josh Intagliata
Josh Intagliata,
Product Marketing Manager

SMS marketing enables you to communicate with hundreds or thousands of customers at once. But are you using SMS customer service capabilities to their full potential? Unlike customer service email templates, you can create SMS templates to convey the right information at just the right time, making your customers feel seen and attended to.

Here are 17 customer service templates you can start sending today for your business.

1. Welcome Messages

Use welcome messages to acknowledge a customer’s first contact with your business. Make sure you greet them cordially and invite them to correspond with your business.

Hi {First Name} {Last Name}!

Thanks for reaching out to {Company Name}. How can we help you today?

2. Post-Transaction Templates

Reaching out to customers after an order or delivery helps make them feel seen and valued. It’s also a welcome opportunity to improve customer service and elicit feedback.

Using post-transaction text templates remind customers of your brand and encourage them to browse again, creating a win-win for customers and your business.

3. Order Confirmations

Hi {First Name},

Thank you for your order! Your {Order Number} will be ready to ship within three business days. We will let you know when they’re on their way!

{Company Name}

4. Shipping Delays

Hi {Title}, {Last Name},

Due to unforeseen circumstances, your {Order Number} has been delayed. Your new shipment date is {Date}. We apologize for this inconvenience.

{Company Name}

5. Order Follow-up

Hi {First Name},

How are you enjoying your {Purchased Item}? We’d love to know your feedback to help us improve! [Insert Link]

{Company Name}

6. Appointment Reminders

Who doesn’t love appointment reminders? Letting customers know they have a scheduled appointment reduces missed dates and last-minute cancellations.

Hi {First Name},

Confirming your appointment at {Time} on {Date} at {Business Name}. If you’re unable to make it, please text us back ASAP to reschedule.

Thank you!

7. Payment Reminders

Sending payment reminders via SMS has a two-pronged benefit. Not only do they help alleviate late payments and fees, but they also help maintain positive cash flow for your business.

8. Monthly Payments

Hi {First Name},

Just a quick reminder that your monthly payment of {Amount} is due on {Date}. Should you need assistance, please contact us at {Phone Number} at your earliest convenience.

Thank you!

{Company Name}

9. Subscription Renewals

Don’t let a membership renewal slip through your fingers! Alerting customers that it’s time to renew subscriptions helps avoid cancellations and service interruptions.

Hi {First Name},

Oh no -- your {Subscription Type} subscription will expire on {Date}! Please respond with YES if you would like your subscription to auto-renew.

{Company Name}

10. Alerts

Your customers are busy. People appreciate being alerted to special events and schedule changes via SMS instead of (or in addition to) email notifications.

11. Service Interruptions

Hi {First Name} {Last Name},

{Utility Company} will be performing maintenance in your neighborhood on {Day}, {Date} between {Time} and {Time}. Please contact our offices at {Phone Number} if you have any questions.

12. School Schedule Changes

Dear Parents,

Please be advised that {School Name} will be observing block schedule next week, {Date} through {Date} for finals. Revised school hours will be {Time} to {Time}. Please pick up your child within 10 minutes of the last bell.

Thank you,

{Principal Name}

13. Subscription Notifications

Per TCPA guidelines, you must receive express written permission to send SMS marketing messages to customers. Confirm new SMS subscriptions — or cancellations by verifying via text.

14. Subscription Sign-ups

Hi {First Name} {Last Name},

Confirming your sign-up for our monthly SMS newsletter. We’ll be sending you 4 msgs/month. Msg&data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help. STOP to cancel.

15. Subscription Cancellations

Hi {First Name},

As you requested, we’ve canceled your subscription to our SMS newsletter. You’re welcome to come back any time! Let us know what we can do to earn your future business.

{Company Name}

16. Refunds

Notifying customers about their order refund status reduces email communications and customer service calls.

Hi {First Name} {Last Name},

Your return for {Order Number} has been received. The amount of {Amount} will be refunded to your account within {Number} business days. Thank you for your business!

{Company Name}

17. Service Follow-ups

After a live chat session, following up with customers gives you another opportunity to ensure you adequately addressed their concerns.

Hi {First Name},

Following up on our online chat today. Do you have any other questions? Reach out any time if there’s anything else you need!

{Agent Name}

{Company Name}

Start Sending Customer Service Texts With Mobile Service Cloud

Remember, an informed customer is a happy customer. SMS customer service templates make responding to customers fast and easy, enabling your customer service team to focus time and resources on growing your business rather than constant account management tasks.

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Get started with Mobile Service Cloud and start texting your customers today!

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Josh Intagliata
Josh Intagliata,
Product Marketing Manager
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A marketing technology expert, passionate about driving business growth through strategic product marketing. With expertise in digital product marketing, and go-to-market strategy, he boasts a track record of success in driving product adoption and revenue growth.

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