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May 18, 2021
4 minutes read

Why 10DLC Gives You a Competitive Advantage

The writing's on the wall: Starting around June 1, 2021, mobile carriers will start strictly throttling and potentially blocking traffic on traditional long codes. Have you been holding off on making the transition to 10DLC for your mobile marketing communications? Today we’ll talk about the benefits of 10DLC and why making the shift gives your business a competitive edge.

Josh Intagliata
Josh Intagliata,
Product Marketing Manager

Our recent article, “How to Get Started With A2P 10DLC Texting,” summarized 10DLC texting and its alternatives. 10DLC, or 10-digit long code, is the new standard in A2P (application-to-person) text messaging. 10DLC enables your business to send bulk SMS texts from a 10-digit local phone number, offering flexibility and high-volume throughput at a reasonable cost.

Staying ahead of competitors is challenging for every company. Successful businesses look for every foothold they can to attract and keep new customers. Today we’ll take a deeper dive into the competitive advantages converting to 10DLC offers your business.

I. Gain a Competitive Edge: 8 Benefits of 10DLC

1. Improved Deliverability and Compliance

Did you know that traditional long code numbers are not sanctioned for SMS business texting by telecom carriers? All American wireless carriers have now endorsed 10DLC as the new standard for A2P messaging. Mobile carriers can block texts that are out of compliance with Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) regulations.

Successful SMS deliverability has improved since 10DLC was approved for SMS business messaging. If your competitors are still using shared short codes or traditional long codes for A2P SMS, your messages have a much better chance of reaching your audience.

2. Unlimited Keywords and Easy Campaign Tracking

10DLC has replicated dedicated short codes’ ability to track specific marketing campaigns. With shared short codes, keyword usage was severely limited. Only one business could use a specific keyword, and overlaps and abuse were rampant. 10DLC numbers are uniquely yours, making brands and campaigns easy to track.

PIZZA — all yours! ICE CREAM— go for it! Get a head start on your competition by using any keyword you like for your marketing campaigns.

3. Enhanced Consumer Trust and Brand Recognition

Familiarity breeds contempt — except when it comes to phone numbers! Building customers for life is all about trust.

Using a 10-digit long code with a local area code leads customers to recognize and trust your brand over your competitors’ anonymous short code message numbers. You can even migrate your existing 10-digit phone number to 10DLC.

4. Expanded Communication Channels

Unlike short codes (shared or dedicated), you can use 10DLC numbers for voice calls and text, doubling your communication channels. Now you can put all your marketing efforts behind a single contact number, giving your customers the flexibility to text or call you at their convenience.

5. Higher Throughput Rates

10DLC promises higher throughput rates, but not for everyone. To create an SMS campaign, your company must register directly through The Campaign Registry or through a partner ( connects directly with Campaign Registry for easy access).

Your company receives a trust score based on the information you provide. Businesses with higher trust scores will earn higher throughput rates than those with lower trust scores. Aim to rate higher than your competitors and get ready to send more messages in less time.

6. Less Spam

10DLC was created to build trust and transparency between businesses and consumers, protecting consumers from spam by regulating SMS marketing methods. Registering your 10DLC campaigns lets mobile carriers know who you are and what you’re sending, which helps them reduce spam.

If you want to be known as a “spam-free” marketer, 10DLC is the way to go.

7. Cost Savings

Thriving in a competitive marketplace demands that you use resources wisely. When you can save money in one area, you can spend it in another. 10DLC numbers cost about as much as a long code number, offering significant cost savings over dedicated short code numbers.

8. Broader Audience Reach

Are Millennials becoming the bulk of your customer base? Millennials are quickly turning into a buying demographic and prefer to text more than any generation before them. If your competitors are making headway with Millennials ahead of you, don’t wait to design SMS campaigns with them in mind.

II. Why Wait? Jump Into 10DLC With

Why wait until your mobile carrier halts your shared short code messages? You won’t be able to send business texts from shared short codes or local long codes without 10DLC for much longer. Your delivery rates will decline as carriers stop shared short code traffic.

Embracing 10DLC now helps you reach your audience before your competitors do. With the cost savings you'll realize when switching from a traditional long code, you can send more SMS messages and communications, giving you a leg up on your marketing campaigns. specializes in reliable SMS messaging for all your business communications. Use SMS to increase customer engagement, improve account security and boost customer satisfaction with a platform built for speed, scale, and deliverability.

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Josh Intagliata
Josh Intagliata,
Product Marketing Manager
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A marketing technology expert, passionate about driving business growth through strategic product marketing. With expertise in digital product marketing, and go-to-market strategy, he boasts a track record of success in driving product adoption and revenue growth.

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