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Staying connected has never been more important - ensure business continuity with one platform for customer engagement.

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Messaging Solutions

Engage customers via the right messaging or voice channel

during each step in the customer journey

Improve customer satisfaction

Keep customers in the loop with proactive alerts and notifications such as delivery notifications, appointment reminders, ETA alerts, account updates, and loyalty rewards.

Optimise marketing and sales

Increase engagement and create a sense of urgency with promotions, coupons, time-sensitive surveys, and special sales delivered to customers at just the right time.

Enrich customer service

Exceed customer expectations and reduce pressure on support by offering faster ways to get questions answered, receive live support, and provide real-time feedback.

Start the conversation with your customers

For businesses looking to offer the best possible experience, and to stay competitive, mobile messaging and voice offers the most effective way to reach your audience. To reach your customers, you will need the best and most reliable technology on the market.

Embrace personal, easy and cost-effective solutions to deliver your message to your target audience. From SMS and Email to Voice, choose the channels that best suit your customers.

Start delivering via your customers' preferred channels.

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Messaging tools

Expand your mobile messaging strategy with our useful messaging tools - enrich your messaging with dedicated mobile landing pages, messaging analytics, address book, and opt-out management.

One unified experience for your customers

Communicate with your customers via SMS, WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Telegram via one customer contact dashboard. This dashboard creates order in the overload of communication channels. Have 1 on 1 conversations shielded and secured, add quick replies, out of office notifications and seamlessly transfer chats to other departments.

Prefer to manage multiple messaging channels via a single API? Connect to our Business Messaging API.

Reach customers worldwide with crystal-clear voice solutions

Contact centers

Our SIP Trunk is ideal for processing large volumes of phone traffic, for both inbound and outbound calls.


Connect your phone system with our SIP Trunk and make calls at the lowest cost. Our connection is of premium quality.


Send all your inbound and outbound traffic via CM.com. Save up to 35% on your fixed and variable costs.

What our customers have to say

"By using CM.com, we’re able to get access to real-time data for our short code, and use it to improve our offline activities."

Jenny Coulson, Marketing Manager - The Entertainer SA

"For years now, we have been sending text messages through the CM.com platform to the satisfaction of our customers. We use text messages to let them know that their order is being processed or at what time they can expect their delivery."

Sander Kole, Technology Director - Takeaway.com

"CM.com provides an analytics tool that shows real-time information regarding messaging delivery time and rates. Due to the customer-centric approach that CM.com offers, we chose them to deliver our bookers and sellers quick mobile communications."

Matthew Evans, CTO at SafariNow

Messaging Chat Apps

multi-channel messaging

Chat Apps

Provide your customers with on-the-go access to your customer support by gaining access to the messaging channels they use daily.

Explore our Chat Apps for effortless communication.

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Our communication platform as a service provides a smart combination of messaging, voice, authentication, data, and mobile payment solutions (Europe), products are available via Web App, API or plugins. Start-ups and enterprise businesses rely on our platform for better marketing, sales and service.

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