Viber for Business.

Send notifications, create engaging offers, cut messaging costs, and offer customer support with Viber for Business.

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Get in Touch With Your Audience

Viber is growing in popularity and offers besides transactional messaging also the possibility to send marketing messages. Keep your conversations going no matter where your customers are.


Viber for Business

Used All Over the World

Viber is being used in over 190 countries. Reach your audience wherever they are.

Over 1 Billion Users

Over 1 billion people use Viber globally. Viber handles 7 million interactions every minute.

With SMS Fallback

We guarantee the delivery of your message. If there is no internet connection available, an SMS fallback is initiated.

Viber for business

Connect With Your Customers via Viber

Using Viber for Business through the Platform guarantees that you not only benefit from the advantages of Viber, but also those of Our platform offers you several other tools and products that you can freely use to ensure that you reach your customers in the way you, and your customers, want. As Viber grows in popularity, this is where your customers will be. Be where your customers are.

  1. Secure communication via end-to-end encryption

  2. Trusted by your clients, verified by Viber

  3. Simple integration via an existing API

  4. Combine messaging apps in our Customer Contact dashboard for free

What Does It Cost?

Viber costs per message:

Country: Price transactional (ZAR) Price promotional (ZAR)
Country: Price transactional (ZAR) Price promotional (ZAR)

Minimum use (p/m)

R 4650


South Africa

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Contact Sales

Contact Sales

How Will Viber Benefit Your Business?

Customers want communication with brands to be instant, via the channels they most prefer. Having a messaging app like Viber for your business provides your customers with the rich, instant and interactive experience that they are looking for. All possible with our business messaging API.

How to Start?

  1. Insert the Viber key and start chatting

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