Improve customer communication while reducing cost

Now more than ever, customers are looking for service and communication through the communication channels they prefer.

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Utilities and Telecommunications in numbers


of Utility and Telecom companies have customer experience on their top five priority to improve.


of Utilities are likely to invest in a mobile-first experience integrating transactions.


of Utilities consider a conversational AI solution to improve their overall customer experience.

Optimise your utilities and telecommunications services


Energy Suppliers

Automate FAQs, answer enquiries, send load shedding schedule updates, handle complaints and proactively reach out to your customers with conversational channels such WhatsApp, Twitter and more.


Water Companies

Communicate securely with customers on the channels they prefer to use, send water cut reminders, payment reminders and provide contract renewals through secure end-to-end encryption.


Telecommunications Companies

Customers want more information from their telecom providers in order to gauge the value of their service. They also want efficient and timely communications for everything from contract renewals and update opportunities.

Increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn

Positive customer interactions in utilities and telecommunications are few and far between. As long as the lights stay on, or the water is running, there’s no problem. It is only when something goes wrong that customers get in touch. So, how can you remove negativity from these conversations and ensure customer satisfaction?

Most people don’t want to spend half an hour in a queue to sort out a direct debit. If you can automate that process, they’ll leave having had a far more positive experience. Mobile Service Cloud lets you manage your interactions via a single dashboard and automate repetitive tasks via a chatbot.

Mobile Service Cloud

Chatbot O. helps energy suppliers connect with customers

Before implementing Chatbot O, Oxxio's customer interactions were mostly negative because people only contacted them when there was a problem.

Oxxio, therefore, decided to engage in more positive conversations with its customers using Conversational AI Cloud. It aims to play a different role in their lives, by engaging customers to save energy in a fun and easy way.

Conversational AI Cloud

Measure and improve customer satisfaction

Measure customer satisfaction with these 8 KPIs

Improve customer experience

Setting the right KPIs for your customer service team will give focus and improve performance. In this paper, you will discover 8 measurable KPIs: Customer & Operational KPIs. By using customer service software, you can measure performance.

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