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The future of mobile messaging is here – Introducing SMS 2.0

Create rich, interactive and personalised experiences right within the #1 most used feature of phones today, the SMS inbox! All you need is your customers’ phone number.

SMS fall-back guarantees the delivery of messages if an RCS client is not present on the device

What you can do with RCS business messaging

  1. Verified Sender: Know who is reaching out to you.

  2. Rich Content: Send images, GIFs, live audio and video.

  3. Personalisation: Improve your conversion and click rate.

  4. Dialogue: Chatbot support, calls and live chats.

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Use Cases: Turn casual shoppers into brand loyal customers

Food and Hospitality

Enable seamless takeaway ordering and restaurant bookings with special offers and coupons.

Retail and eCommerce

Enable both the retailer and customer to schedule and change delivery and collection information.

Customer Services

Efficient and quick communication with customers for reduced customer complaints.

Travel and Tourism

Conveniently manage travel, hotel and entertainment bookings and ticket storage.

The benefits of using our platform

Worldwide delivery

Our pro-active monitoring guarantees the fastest delivery of time critical messages at high volumes.

Direct operator connections

Our platform is connected to 2000 operator networks so you can benefit from high quality routes at the best price.

Real time analytics

Our powerful analytics tool gives you a detailed overview of your messaging traffic so you can track, trace and optimise flows.

Secure, reliable and 24/7 support

With high uptime and a redundant setup, you can rely on a secure and ISO 27001 certified platform with 24/7/365 support.

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