Make, Receive and Automate VoIP Calls.

Make, receive and automate your business calls. Reduce costs and improve efficiency with our VoIP solutions.

VoIP for small, medium and enterprise business

Our voice solutions can be tailored to meet your business needs. A tier 1 voice provider with connections to some of the largest networks in South Africa and around the world. Whether you're making, receiving or automating calls, we'll work with you to find the best solution.

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Make, receive and automate your business calls

  1. SIP Trunking

  2. Text 2 Speech & Audio Messages

  3. Voice API

  4. DDI Numbers

SIP Trunking: Power Your Global VoIP Infrastructure

  1. Simple and competitive rates to all countries, call like a local.

  2. Tier 1 carrier, billed per second, pre and post paid options.

  3. No extra cost per line, unlimited outgoing lines simultaneously.

  4. Connect existing telephony system to our platform, no complexity.

SIP Trunking With CM

Ready To Explore SIP Trunking?

Start reducing the costs of your inbound and outbound calls worldwide using the reliability of our SIP Trunk. Looking to port your existing number(s) over? No problem - we'll help you.

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Voice Campaigns: Send Text-2-Speech & Audio Files as Calls

  1. Voice DIY in minutes, no developer needed.

  2. Choose between 18 languages, gender and your preferred voice.

  3. Call out pre-recorded messages as text-2-speech or audio files.

  4. Cost effective when you consider speed, scalability and reach.

Ready To Explore Voice Campaigns?

Reach your customers directly with a personalised Text-2-Speech or Audio message. Use Text-2-Speech as an addition to SMS or Push.

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Voice API: Code your own Interactive Call Flows

  1. Build the exact call experience you want using our intuitive API.

  2. Record speech, play pre-recorded prompts and send / receive DTMF.

  3. Receive inbound calls and setup outbound calls.

  4. Play OTP or marketing messages as text-2-speech or audio files.

Voice API

Ready To Explore Voice API?

The Voice API provides easy-to-use building blocks to create your own IVR applications in a flexible way, while still remaining full control.

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DDI Numbers: Local Phone Numbers

  1. Forward calls internationally or locally via our VoIP network.

  2. Give your business a local appearance in cities around the globe.

  3. Enhance marketing efforts with easy to remember phone numbers.

  4. With CM you'll get competitive and affordable rates.

DDI Numbers

Ready to explore DDI (DID) Numbers?

It's never been easier to bring your business to an international market with our global direct dial-in (DDI) numbers.

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How our Voice solutions reduce costs and improve efficiency

"The quality of CM's SIP Trunk is excellent for our business and its implementation is simple."

Sander Kole, Technology Director at

"Using a monthly call volume of 500k each month we now save about 20k per year from using CM's reliable Voice Solution."

Omer Arguden, CEO at CallAssist Turkey

"Not only is the price important, CM is also specialists when it comes to clever routing of calls using only the best telecom providers. Next to a good price, the quality of the routes are very high."

Kees-Jan Mars, Managing Director at GDCC

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