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Booking and Travel Agencies

Social distance, health and hygiene regulations create a need for seamless and touchless service.

Theaters, Museums, and Parks

Go beyond the physical ways of interacting and reach your guests via different online messaging channels.

Restaurants, Hospitality and Hotels

Delivering the best service goes beyond the hotel lobby and should also include all online interaction.

Sport Events, Festivals, Music and More

Personalise your marketing messages to reach your guests on their mobile phones and preferred channels.

You deliver the experience,
we deliver the tools

The hospitality industry is a fast-moving, dynamic sector. With so much choice and fierce competition, guests have become more and more demanding in their search for the best experience at the best price. Our platform enables your brand to deliver the best possible experience for your guests.


Connect with guests in real time

Giving your guests the opportunity to ask short questions via the channel most convenient for them, ensures they can spend as little time as possible between the research and booking phase.

Google’s Business Messages is transforming the digital landscape within the hospitality industry. Guests can reach out through multiple channels like Google Search, Google Maps, Website, and more thereby meeting them on the channels most convenient for their experience.

Conversational Channels
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Streamline conversations into one inbox for multiple users

Now that your customers can contact you from anywhere in the world, at any time, and on any device, you need to expand your traditional messaging channels beyond phone or email.

From WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to Instagram Messaging and more, combine the channels most convenient for your customers. Thankfully, Mobile Service Cloud can help you implement all of them in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

Mobile Service Cloud
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Automate concierge services

Create an intelligent, personalised conversational bot without a single line of code.

From self-service check-ins, restaurant orders, to anticipating needs based on past activity, integrating a Scripted or AI Chatbot into WhatsApp Business. Queries will be solved quickly, efficiently and increase five-star reviews and customer satisfaction.

Conversational AI Cloud
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Create personalised moments

Guests want to feel valued and heard throughout their journey and therefore it's important to make their experience an unforgettable one.

Through Mobile Marketing Cloud, you can really get to know your guests. Gather preferences like dietary requirements, whether they prefer romantic or family settings and use this information to send personalised offers via their favourite channels.

Mobile Marketing Cloud

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