WhatsApp Business for medium and large businesses

Harness the power of WhatsApp Business Platform for conversational marketing and service.

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Personalise WhatsApp marketing and convert more customers

Improve your digital strategy and use WhatsApp as a marketing tool for direct, personalised communication with your audience.

Offer always-on service with WhatsApp for customer support

Empower your agents to connect with customers quickly and easily. Boost your team's productivity by handling multiple conversations simultaneously without compromising on personalised service.

Unlock eCommerce potential with WhatsApp Business

Elevate your customer experience with WhatsApp Commerce, delivering the entire buying journey within a single channel to drive revenue growth.

Improve customer experience with WhatsApp Business

Connect With Today's Customers

Offer world-class customer service and minimise friction inside the customer journey on your customer's favourite messaging app.

Initiate More Conversations

Respond to incoming messages or initiate new conversations using message templates, ensuring proactive delivery of essential information to opted-in customers.

Benefit From Powerful Features

Use features like quick replies, product messages, and newsletter broadcasting for efficient customer communication.


Automate WhatsApp conversations with a chatbot

Create a chatbot that automates conversations at every stage of your funnel.

Leave repetitive questions to your chatbot, hand over the conversation to an agent when necessary.

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Discover how our customers are using WhatsApp

Get inspired with WhatsApp Business downloads

WhatsApp Business Platform Guide

WhatsApp for Retail & eCommerce

This guide explores the different stages of the Retail and eCommerce journey, demonstrating how WhatsApp Business marketing messages can enhance brand perception, increase customer acquisition, boost personalisation, and drive sales.

Download guide
WhatsApp Marketing Messages Infographic

WhatsApp Marketing Messages Infographic

In this infographic, we take you through the entire Retail and eCommerce customer journey using automated WhatsApp Business marketing messages. Download the infographic or experience the WhatsApp chatbot after download.

Download infographic

Why CM.com as your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

  1. Fast implementation and migration

  2. Easily integrated via API or software

  3. High-level customer support

  4. POPIA-compliant and secure

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