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Fast Event Visitor Support at Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix

When you go to any event, questions might arise. How do you get there? Where can you find your tickets? And where will you stay? For some questions, you prefer instant support from the organization. Swift and smooth. In this article, we’ll show how the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix will always help you in the best way possible.

Instant Support From One Source

Asking a question shouldn’t require any effort. The Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix centralized customer service and contact in one place. On this page on their website, visitors can ask their questions to the Race Engineer – the chatbot that’s available 24/7. Frequently Asked Questions are dynamically loaded next to the conversation and can be asked to the chatbot with just one click. The Race Engineer is branded, he has a personality that matches the Dutch Grand Prix. A chatbot can not only help you instantly, but it can also help you recognize the brand and add a personal touch. It adds something unique to your event experience, already before you even visited the event.

Rather have human support? The bot will ensure your question gets emailed to the customer service team. They will help you as soon as possible. During the race weekend, the Race Engineer will hand over the conversation to a human agent.

The Right Person for the Task

You probably recognize the feeling of having to repeat your question over and over again. Annoying. No one likes to repeat a question to multiple persons or assistants, nor first to a bot and later again to an employee. If you have a question about the campsite, you want someone from the campsite to help you. If the question is about tickets, you want a response from the ticketing partner. The Dutch Grand Prix ensures all their partners are working together in one centralized customer service solution. Smart routing helps them to connect you to the right employee. This means customer service agents can work more efficiently, while you get a better, more personal answer. Even if you’ve been chatting to the bot, the human employee will understand your question. Hopefully increasing your satisfaction.

DGP chatbot human agent questions

Integrated Customer Service Solution to Increase Efficiency

The AI event chatbot, the Race Engineer, can answer many questions. However, sometimes you want human support. The bot can forward your question, but you can also reach the team via other channels (via social media or other conversational channels). The centralized customer service solution, Mobile Service Cloud, has many options to have smooth conversations and provide service and support efficiently. Answer suggestions help employees to quickly give repetitive answers, they can simply select the suggested answers. It’s also easy to work together, both internally and externally. Since everything they need is there in one inbox, they can help you faster.

Optimize Your Event Based on Data

Chatting with thousands of visitors is a challenge. The team is continuously learning from their experiences. To make conversations even more personal, customer data is integrated into their customer service solution. Employees now know who they’re talking to, making it easier to understand situations, help you even better, and tackle problems before they even exist. Insights from the customer service solution, such as the incoming questions, the number of handled conversations, and response times are used for optimizations. Peak times can be recognized, allowing them to grow the team for these moments.

For the next edition, the organization of the Dutch Grand Prix can look at the data to make your experience even better. Imagine that after the event, they find out there were many questions to find the nearest toilets. Next year, they can help you find it easier: by showing the nearest location in the event app or marking it more clearly on the festival grounds.

DGP mobile service cloud platform data

Make Your Event Visitor Service a Success

Do you want to get more out of your customer support or visitor service? Get to know your visitors!’s solutions help you provide efficient service, but also help you understand visitors and gather input and valuable data. Discover our solutions for customer service for your event.

Conversational AI Cloud and Mobile Service Cloud are not the only solutions we provide for the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix.

Are you interested in how we help them enhance their fan experience?

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Are you interested in how we help them enhance their fan experience?

Download paper Contact us
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