What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is an A2P messaging method that allows businesses to send large volumes of text messages to multiple recipients simultaneously. It's often used by businesses to quickly share information, promotions or alerts.

This service is commonly used for:

  1. Marketing: Promoting products, services or special offers to a broad audience.

  2. Notifications and alerts: Sending important updates or reminders to customers, partners or employees.

  3. Customer engagement: Engaging with customers through personalised messages, surveys or feedback requests.

  4. Security: Sending One Time Passwords (OTPs) or emergency alerts.

Bulk SMS key features

Bulk SMS is facilitated through specialised platforms or software that integrate with mobile networks to deliver messages to recipients' mobile phones. It's an automated way of sending text messages that can be personalised as needed. Key features of bulk SMS solutions typically include:

  • Message customisation: Personalising messages with recipient names or other specific information.

  • Scheduling: Setting specific times for messages to be sent.

  • Analytics: Tracking delivery rates, open rates and other performance metrics.

  • APIs: Allowing businesses to integrate SMS messaging into their own systems or applications.

Benefits of Bulk SMS

Sending SMS in bulk has many advantages for businesses, the five main benefits being:

  1. High open rates: SMS has significantly higher open rates (98%) compared to emails, ensuring your message is seen by most recipients.

  2. Wide reach: SMS can reach any mobile phone user, regardless of their device or internet connectivity. All that's needed is a mobile phone subscription, and with 8.9 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide as of 2023, broad accessibility is ensured.

  3. Cost-effective: Bulk SMS is a relatively inexpensive way to reach a large audience compared to other (marketing) channels.

  4. High engagement: SMS messages are more likely to be read and responded to compared to other forms of communication, enhancing customer engagement.

  5. Quick delivery: Messages are delivered almost instantly, making it ideal for time-sensitive information or promotions.

Implementing Bulk SMS

Businesses can use various methods to send and receive SMS messages in bulk. These methods can include mobile phone applications, software programs, web interfaces or integrating an SMS API with their website or systems. These SMS solutions connect with the SMS Gateway of a service provider, such as CM.com, to ensure messages are delivered to mobile phone numbers worldwide.

SMS Gateway

An SMS Gateway is a joining point between an organisation’s internal systems and the mobile networks, letting you send out SMS messages from your business without needing to type them into a mobile phone ­– in fact, without a mobile connection at all. Around 96% of business text messages today are sent by a software application rather than a human.

Bulk SMS in a nutshell

Overall, bulk SMS is a cost-effective and efficient tool for mass communication, ensuring messages reach a large audience quickly and reliably. CM.com's SMS Gateway makes it easy to send bulk text messages across the globe.

Connect your website or application to our API for reliable and fast global messaging – and benefit from direct carrier connections to deliver your SMS.

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