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Jan 03, 2024
4 minutes read and NOC*NSF close multi-year deal for TeamNL Houses during the Olympic Games

In 2024, the Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in Paris. During these spectacular events, NOC*NSF, with the TeamNL Houses, will establish a meeting place for Dutch fans to come together and enjoy matches and celebrations. and NOC*NSF have entered into a multi-year deal to fully support this initiative, with assisting in creating the ultimate fan experience before, during, and after the event through ticketing, an event app, and mobile communication.

Esmee Spaan
Esmee Spaan,
Product Marketer Ticketing

TeamNL House in Paris

The TeamNL Houses will serve as locations where around 6,000 sports fans can watch live matches, experience festive celebrations, and participate in various activities. The smaller Paralympic House will welcome 1,000 guests.

With the Games taking place so close to the Netherlands and the that fact fans can come together to celebrate performances for the first time since Covid-19, having a gathering place in Paris is a logical choice. NOC*NSF and Sportcentrum Papendal collectively manage both houses, with essential support from partners like and main sponsor NLO (Nederlandse Loterij).

Inspiration from the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort

Inspired by the fan experience facilitated by during the Dutch Grand Prix, NOC*NSF aims to offer a similar experience to their fans during the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris and the 2026 Winter Olympic Games in Milan. The partnership includes various products from, such as the event app, ticketing, customer service, and marketing tools.

Marc van den Tweel (General Director NOC*NSF): is the best partner to guide TeamNL fans to and within both the Olympic and Paralympic TeamNL House. An authority on fan experience and professionally facilitating it. We want the thousands of Team NL fans we hope to receive to feel right at home and receive exactly the kind of information they need.

Ultimate Fan Experience

After buying a ticket, visitors gain access to the TeamNL House app. Here, they can save their tickets and receive WhatsApp or push notifications with the latest updates and exclusive content based on their personal interests. The app provides immediate access to content including videos, updates on when their favourite sport(s) will be shown on a big screen or when celebrations will take place. The app also offers practical information and the opportunity to participate in contests— essentially, all relevant information bundled in one place, at the fingertips of the fans.

Jeroen van Glabbeek (CEO

With the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort, we demonstrated that even at events with large attendance, an individualised experience tailored to the fan can be offered. We look forward to facilitating this in Paris as well, delivering a personalised sports experience at a personal level through our technology. This allows us to create the ultimate fan experience before, during, and after the event. The fan is in the driver's seat, determining the information and messages they receive. Fully automated through our platform and sent via their preferred messaging channels. Efficient for both the customer and the organisation; a true win-win!

Win-Win Situation

If a fan has a question, they can effortlessly ask it through their favourite channel. Initially, the chatbot will provide automatic and quick responses. If that fails, the question is transferred to the live chat. Here, questions from various channels are consolidated in one inbox, enabling the team to respond quickly and efficiently—a win-win situation.

Building a Database

From pre-registration, NOC*NSF will start building a fanbase in the Customer Data Platform. This allows them to stay in contact and communicate directly with Dutch sports fans over the coming years. They can use this for effectively promoting tickets for the Winter Games or other initiatives between the Olympic Games.

Increasing Sports Participation

The partnership won't stop between the games. NOC*NSF is also the overarching organisation of all sports associations in the Netherlands and has the goal of increasing sports participation and involvement in sports associations. Thanks to the built-up database, NOC*NSF can activate more fans, for example, by informing them about clinics and other initiatives in collaboration with specific sports associations.


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Esmee Spaan
Esmee Spaan,
Product Marketer Ticketing

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