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The State of Utilities & Telco


of Utility & Telecom businesses have customer experience on their top five priority to improve on.


of Utilities are likely to invest in a mobile first experience integrating transactions in a conversational interface.


of Utilities consider a conversational AI solution to improve their overall customer experience.

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8 Customer Service KPIs

Setting the right KPIs for your customer service team will give focus, ultimately improving performance. In this paper, you will discover 8 measurable KPIs: Customer KPIs & Operational KPIs.

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Utilities and Telecoms: Different, with Similar Challenges


Energy Suppliers

High competition, innovative new companies, and the rising need for sustainability ask for a change of simple 'energy sales' to 'service sales'. Churn rates increase, as customers are likely to change utility supplier.

Make sure you can compete.


Water Companies

Customers are empowered by digital technology. They expect personalized communications, offers, and services - based on their usage and contract. Customer experience is key. More customers want to be seen as a 'partner', to reduce water consumption together.


Telecommunications Companies

Today, telecommunications companies are expected to deliver communications tools, systems, and services in a flexible environment, that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, while complying with rising security requirements.

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Revamping CX in Utilities & Telco

Communication in the Utility & Telecom industry runs via mobile, with the purpose to engage with customers throughout their entire journey.

This engagement goes beyond sending invoices or sending new offers. It’s about a customer-first approach on a conversational level. Providing the best experience possible to meet customers’ needs.

vattenfall chatbot nina conversational ai

Sustainable & Conversational Innovation at Vattenfall

Vattenfall thanks its conversational success to an integrated approach. The whole company is involved. Conversational AI Cloud is now used by their Customer Service, Purchasing, and HR teams.

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