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The UK utility sector in numbers


The value of website sales in the utilities sector in 2019 (Office for National Statistics UK)


of consumers have a poor level of trust in utilities companies in the UK (YouGov)


The market value of listed UK utility companies as of August 2020 (London Stock Exchange)


of consumers worried about steep energy price rises in 2020 (UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy)

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Your customers want to talk to you on their favorite channel. Make sure they can, by using CM.com's mobile messaging channels.

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Utilities segments CM.com serves

Energy Suppliers

Energy suppliers

High competition, innovative new companies, and the rising need for sustainability ask for a change of simple 'energy sales' to 'service sales'. Churn rates increase, as customers are likely to change utility supplier. Make sure you can compete.

Water Companies

Water companies

Customers are empowered by digital technology. They expect personalised communications, offers, and services - based on their usage and contract. Customer experience is key. More customers want to be seen as a 'partner', to reduce water consumption together.

How CM.com can help your business

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Let customers decide how, when, and where they contact you with an AI chatbot

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Personalise communications based on customer preferences, usage and contracts

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Mobile messaging

Reach your customers on their preferred messaging channels including WhatsApp

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Superior service

Communicate on your customers' favourite channels

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Reduce churn

Leave no question unanswered and keep loyal customers happy and engaged

Mobile Service Cloud

Be there for your customers, anywhere, anytime

More than ever, customers expect answers fast. Our Mobile Service Cloud solution lets you manage your customer interactions via our simple dashboard and set up automated responses to frequently asked questions. That means you can spend more time doing what you do best: selling your products and services.

Mobile Service Cloud
chatbot oxxio

Oxxio reduces calls by 50% with IOT customer chatbot

Oxxio had a problem. Many of its customer interactions were negative, because people only contacted them when there was a problem. So CM.com built Oxxio a customer service chatbot to deal with customer issues and questions and to deliver energy advice in an engaging way.

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    Reduced calls by 50%

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    Improved self-service by 100%

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    Delivered personalised, relevant interactions

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8 Questions to Reduce Customer Churn Rates

8 questions to reduce customer churn rates

Keep your customers happy - it sounds easy but it's not. Today's customer is more empowered than ever, and not afraid to switch. With these 8 questions, you can create a strategy to burn the churn.

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