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Aug 26, 2020
4 minutes read becomes primary sponsor of Dutch Circuit Zandvoort and starts digital transformation

Zandvoort, 26 August 2020 - commits itself as primary sponsor of Circuit Zandvoort. The partnership stems from the successful cooperation that started with the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix. Both partners of Dutch heritage share a similar vision for the future of sports and leisure events where the need for innovation has become more relevant than ever before. The tools of result, for all ticketholders of Circuit Zandvoort, in an even better experience and are used simultaneously to guide the event visitor in the best way possible before, during and after the event. Moreover, the tools of offer better protection against various safety risks.

Digital Transformation

After the successful implementation of the tools of in the unique perception of the ticket sales for the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix at Circuit Zandvoort, and Circuit Zandvoort are jointly further tackling the digital transition of the circuit in the future with Conversational Commerce. These smart mobile communication and payment solutions of offer optimal fan perception throughout the customer journey of the visitor to Circuit Zandvoort. disposes of solutions that enable the visitor of Circuit Zandvoort to be informed proactively with relevant, personalised information about an event visit, as soon as the visitor receives the digital ticket. From, for instance, pre- and onsite registration and various reminders to the aftercare via a broad range of channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Apple Messages for Business. 

The demand for smart digital solutions in the event industry accelerated due to COVID-19. Issues regarding health and safety are now more relevant to event locations like Circuit Zandvoort than ever before. The tools of can enable Circuit Zandvoort to offer a personalised service on the basis of information about the event visitor and to share relevant information throughout the entire customer journey. As a result, in the future the customer perception can be raised to an even higher level.

Conversational Commerce 

Apart from the smart registration process and the personal perception of the ticket sales for events at Circuit Zandvoort, offers a wide range of solutions to offer the event visitor a unique customer experience. For instance, the possibility for event visitors to order and pay for consumptions via the application of and to then pick them up with a QR code. This way, visitors avoid queueing to order food and beverage or to buy coins. This does not only result in a good, constant flow, but it also limits the health risks because congestions are avoided and contact moments are limited. 

Prevent Hustle and Bustle

Because information is available about when and how a visitor wants to come to an event, the flow of visitors can be controlled and take place in a phased fashion. With the tools of Circuit Zandvoort can, for instance, inform visitors of the optimal departure times and where it is busy at a certain time. Motorists receive route descriptions, drive times and information about parking spaces. Visitors who travel by public transport receive personal travelling advice. Everything to serve the visitor in the best way possible and to ensure that they have an unforgettable day. Moreover, this way also contributes to the prevention of crowds during events to prevent health risks.  

“Digital innovation in the event world has accelerated since the outbreak of COVID-19. Our mission is to make life easier, safer and more beautiful to people through technology. After a series of F1 races without audience, Formula 1 fans are in need of admiring their idols in real life again. We can only speculate in what form this will be next year, however in the changing situation we will serve fans the best we can so that they can enjoy sports at Circuit Zandvoort in the way they are accustomed to.

The partnership exceeds just a new name to the circuit. We use all our tools to offer the event visitor a VIP experience. Apart from brand awareness among various target groups, with its diversity of (sports) activities and international nature Circuit Zandvoort connects people through sports and emotion, which is fully in line with our ambition. This makes Circuit Zandvoort an equivalent partner to cooperate with,” according to Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO of

Robert van Overdijk, CEO Circuit Zandvoort: “Circuit Zandvoort is officially ready for the Formula 1. Recently, we have taken receipt of the Grade 1 licence. After the physical transformation with adjusted facilities and infrastructure, we are also undergoing a digital metamorphosis with our partner Apart from harmonisation in the technical area, we quickly noticed that both our organisations share vision and ambition; we are both passionate about tapping into new opportunities in thinking in a customer-oriented manner. 

In, with its many years of expertise in the area of mobile technology and payments, we have found a reliable partner that we are now also proudly adding to the name of our circuit. In the contact with our customers we always want to meet their wishes and expectations. With the help of the knowledge and the tools of we can exceed these expectations of our visitors.”

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