Customer Story

SpeechLogix builds 1 to 1 relationships between brands and customers using CM.com's Omni-Channel Business Messaging API.



Established: 2004

Region of Operation: Middle East, Africa

Industry Focus: Telecom Service Providers, Financial Service Providers, Contact Centers, Government, Education, and Healthcare

CM.com Products: CPaaS, Business Messaging API

Primary Specialty: PBX, Voice Logging, IVR, Call Accounting, CTI Call Popup solutions and Call Center Solutions

Technology Specialty: Google Cloud Platform, Machine Learning

About SpeechLogix

SpeechLogix is a leading Computer Telephony Integration and Voice solutions provider with expertise in PBX, Voice Logging, IVR, Call Accounting, CTI Call Popup solutions, Call Center Solutions, Command Center Solutions, and more.  

Their main product, the XLogix platform, is an all-in-one cloud telephony and contact center solution that leverages the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Machine Learning in 18 different regions. The platform serves various market verticals, including telecom service providers, financial service providers, contact centers, government, education, and healthcare. 

SpeechLogix most recent innovation includes a smart-routing tool that connects customers directly to the same agent when they dial or message back. Even if it is days later, the agent can easily access customer information and continue to troubleshoot their inquiry seamlessly on a 1 to 1 level. Helping mid-market to enterprise-level brands in the Middle East build personal relations with their customer base. 

The Challenge

Calling has become inconvenient. With calls dropping or customers needing to attend to important matters, they no longer want to wait on hold to resolve their inquiries. Today's younger generation customers are turning away from traditional phone calls and emails. Instead, they prefer to engage with customer service through texts, tweets, or direct messages on their favorite social channels like Facebook or Instagram. Opening up brands to a firehose of messaging platforms they cannot effectively manage without exorbitant support personnel.  

SpeechLogix looked to solve the issue by incorporating each channel into its product offering. However, providing a service to leverage all these messaging channels is incredibly challenging. Typically, developers are required to integrate multiple APIs and test them extensively to ensure that the product works as intended. This process can take several months and requires significant effort and resources.   

The Solution

With the help of CM.com's Omni-Channel Business Messaging API, SpeechLogix was able to efficiently and effectively incorporate a variety of messaging channels for their providers. Customers can interchangeably connect with their favorite brands across various messaging platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, and Google Business Messaging, while still being directed to the same agent. This solution not only improves customer engagement but also streamlines business operations.

messaging gateway

Haitham Hanafi, Head of Sales at SpeechLogix, said, "By creating one algorithm and applying it to all channels, we make our lives easier. This is important because partnering with CM.com makes our platform a complete all-in-one solution and creates a satisfactory customer experience."

By leveraging the Business Messaging API, SpeechLogix reduced its time to market significantly. They no longer had to spend months testing endpoints; they incorporated an omnichannel solution in just a few weeks. A win-win for CM.com and SpeechLogix by promptly delivering a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for their customers.

Customer Highlights

Reliable API

Stable business messaging API that is scaling with their brand as volume increases.

All Communication Channels

One Business Messaging API that can support all of the channels customers use.

Straightforward Code

Reduced time to market with a straightforward integration to their existing product.