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Aug 20, 2020
3 minutes read

How Does Monitor Our SMS API Gateway 24/7/365?

When you use an SMS Gateway provider, you rely on this gateway to deliver all messages on time. Data protection also plays a key role in whether or not you can trust a provider with your business-critical and private/sensitive messages. When sending SMS notifications over our SMS gateway, you can rely on for 24/7/365 monitoring and security to handle this with the utmost care. But what exactly does this mean?

I. How Does Monitor Our SMS Gateway API? has a dedicated staff working on-site 24/7/365. Our team of the world's top talent works in shifts grouped of fully-staffed, full-time experts to prevent any oversight caused by fatigue or human error.

Our expert analysts can always ensure operational lights and signals in this vital monitoring center are always on with our round-the-clock attention. From's Network Operations Center (also known as the "NOC"), we continuously monitor, update, manage, prevent, and maintain systems to maximize security, performance, and connections for both suppliers and customers.

Our team of experts is always fully equipped to handle any incident effectively, efficiently, and immediately. Therefore, you can always count on our 99.9% uptime and worldwide delivery under 10 seconds with reliable geo-redundancy in place.

Our pro-active monitoring guarantees the fastest delivery of mission-critical and time-sensitive messages distributed in high volumes via our SMS Gateway API.

II. How Ensures Data Security

It's essential that when working with any SMS Gateway provider, both you and your provider are 100% aware and in agreement on the sensitivity and privacy of the data and messages that you are allowing them to manage. With massive loads of customer information and company data being monitoring and managed, it's critical the data protection procedures and standards an SMS Gateway provider's Network Operation Center is airtight. has maximum security measures in place to guarantee that all customer data is protected and secure. Our services are hosted on our privately owned and operational environments. Therefore, we are not dependent on other parties to take proper measures. also has full control over all data, including transport, encryption, and accessibility. Finally, no public cloud services are involved in the creation and delivery of our services. Therefore, you can rest assured that all data gets handled with the utmost care, in full compliance with GDPR and ISO 27001.

III. Access to's Support Team

If your business ever has any questions or if any unlikely issue were to arise, you can call our support team directly. They're always on staff and on-site ready to help you solve or identify any solution in an instant. Our Genius representatives and the Online Success team help you make the most of every mobile campaign.

IV. We're Constantly Developing for Improvements

Finally, it is important to note that has over 100 developers that continuously strive to improve our platform. Our platform has developed a platform based on a robust infrastructure built with blocks designed for efficiency, flexibility, and rapid scalability. Housed with all the latest communications solutions, customers can stay assured that's platform allows them to remain at the forefront of mobile messaging backed by world-leading systems and technologies.

At, we put every measure in place to ensure our customers can always rely on us to provide the latest in mobile technology, including rich features and high-end security.

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