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Automate customer journeys across various channels with segments and workflows.

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Pricing & Packages Mobile Marketing Cloud

Based on annual billing (+ 5% monthly)

Free trial

Try it out 14-days
  • All features of Basic

  • Up to 1000 contacts

  • 10 test credits (top up online for additional credits)


From R 529 /month
  • Profile upload/import

  • Unified customer profiles

  • Audience segmentation

  • Consent management

  • Campaign statistics and reporting

  • Single-step automation

  • Landing Pages and Forms

    Support via email - business hours


From R 1,499 /month
  • All basic features

  • + Multi-step automations

  • + Custom dashboards

  • + 1 external source integration

  • + Campaign spreading

  • + A/B testing

  • + Conditional content

  • + Mobile Push

  • + Mobile Service Cloud integration

  • + Voice calling campaigns

    Support via email / chat / phone - business hours


Price on request
  • All advanced features

  • + Unlimited external integrations

  • + Audience export to ad platforms

  • Support via email / chat / phone - 24/7

Included Emails and Overage

With a Mobile Marketing Cloud subscription, you get 5 times the number of CDP profiles in your package of emails per month at no additional cost. If you exceed this number, you will pay R 20 per 1000 emails.

Pricing Is Based on Stored Contacts

Based on annual billing (+ 5% monthly)

Contacts Emails/month Basic Advanced Pro
Contacts Emails/month Basic Advanced Pro



From R 529 /mo

From R 1,499 /mo

Price on request



From R 1,099 /mo

From R 2,699 /mo

Price on request



From R 1,499 /mo

From R 3,499 /mo

Price on request



From R 2,799 /mo

From R 6,599 /mo

Price on request



From R 4,299 /mo

From R 10,399 /mo

Price on request



From R 7,099 /mo

From R 14,999 /mo

Price on request

250.000 +

Price on request

Price on request

Price on request

Price on request

Dedicated IP addresses

If you send a lot of emails, it is recommended to use dedicated IP addresses. At you can buy dedicated IP addresses as an add-on to your Mobile Marketing Cloud subscription. Dedicated IP addresses can be purchased for R785 per month each.

Email validation

The email validation in the Mobile Marketing Cloud can be used to validate whether an email address is your list is valid or not. The service can be found in our Address Book application and the price per email validation is R 0.08 per email address.

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