Mobile Marketing Cloud Pricing.

For businesses that want to start conversations with people, not profiles.

Pricing Mobile Marketing Cloud

Pricing & Packages Mobile Marketing Cloud

Based on annual billing (+ 5% monthly)

Free trial

Try it out 14-days
  • All features of Basic

  • Up to 1000 contacts

  • 10 test credits (top up online for additional credits)


From R 299/month
  • Profile upload/import

  • Unified customer profiles

  • Audience segmentation

  • Consent management

  • Campaign statistics and reporting

  • Single-step automation

  • Landing Pages and Forms

    Support via email - business hours


From R 1099/month
  • All basic features

  • + Multi-step automations

  • + Custom dashboards

  • + 1 external source integration

  • + Campaign spreading

  • + A/B testing

  • + Conditional content

  • + Voice calling campaigns

    Support via email / chat / phone - business hours


Price on request
  • All advanced features

  • + Unlimited external integrations

  • + Audience export to ad platforms

  • + Web tracking

    Support via email / chat / phone - 24/7

    99.9% uptime guarantee

Included Emails and Overage

With a Mobile Marketing Cloud subscription, you get 5 times the number of CDP profiles in your package of emails per month at no additional cost. If you exceed this number, you will pay R 20 per 1000 emails.

Pricing Is Based on Stored Contacts

Based on annual billing (+ 5% monthly)

Contacts Emails/month Basic Advanced Pro
Contacts Emails/month Basic Advanced Pro



From R 299/mo

From R 1,099/mo

Price on request



From R 749/mo

From R 1,999/mo

Price on request



From R 1,099/mo

From R 2,699/mo

Price on request



From R 2,099/mo

From R 5,299/mo

Price on request



From R 3,499/mo

From R 8,299/mo

Price on request



From R 5,599/mo

From R 11,999/mo

Price on request

250.000 +

Price on request

Price on request

Price on request

Price on request

Dedicated IP addresses

If you send a lot of emails, it is recommended to use dedicated IP addresses. At you can buy dedicated IP addresses as an add-on to your Mobile Marketing Cloud subscription. Dedicated IP addresses can be purchased for R749 per month each.

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