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Streamline IT and Operations within your business

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To your customer's favourite channels using one Business Messaging API.

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Seamlessly to one platform for authentication, communication, and notifications.

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When new features across various channels are added.

Provide the ultimate customer experience

Customers today expect personalised experiences across multiple channels when communicating with businesses. CM.com helps you with the right tools. Below you can read more about our solutions.

Communications Platform - Conversational Channels - Identification Solutions

Manage customer and workforce communications at scale

Engage with your customers on their preferred communication channels, such as WhatsApp, SMS, and Voice, to enable omnichannel conversations, reduce friction in your operations, and improve efficiency.

Connect channels

Add Conversational Channels

Identification solutions

Protect, secure and enhance digital customer experience

Allow customers to digitally sign documents and identify or authenticate themselves with OTP or other identity solutions. Create a seamless process while protecting your data and user transactions.

Secure processes


Download guides for it and operations

Consumer-led technology estate

Consumer-led technology estate

Great customer experience has a human touch! As our lives become more intertwined and dependent on technology, consumer and end-user needs must be central to the development of technology estates.

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Guide to conversational messaging

Guide to conversational messaging

Customer engagement today happens on a variety of online channels. In this guide, you will learn how to use the most relevant channels to communicate with customers to engage and convert.

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A detailed WhatsApp Business API guide

A detailed WhatsApp Business API guide

In this guide, we compare the difference between WhatsApp Business App and API, share best practices, features, use cases and how to integrate them into your customer journey.

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