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beyond the classroom

Enhance every interaction with students, from personalised support and notifications to improved verification processes.

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From student onboarding and notifications to enquiries and timetable changes, we've got the tools to deliver a seamless student experience.

How can help your business

Enable students to onboard themselves via WhatsApp and mobile landing pages.

Enable students and parents to get responses 24/7 via support agent or chatbot.

Securely obtain signed acceptance letters and quotes through WhatsApp and Sign.

Enable staff to manage incoming queries with context through a single dashboard.

Engage students by meeting their needs for convenience

Early Childhood Education

Preschools and Crèche

Allow learners, employees, and educators to sign application documents securely from anywhere. Add online identification and Two-Factor Authentication through SMS to the enrolling procedure. 

Tertiary Education

Universities and Colleges

Communicate easily across conversational channels in one omnichannel inbox. Enable collaboration between faculties, administrations and safe communication with students. Empower impactful online learning outside the classroom.



Automate and create smart chatbots for learners and parents to communicate about admissions, recruiting, registration FAQs, and daily services using conversational channels that learners frequently use.

Conversational Channels

Engage students on the channels they use daily

The journey of learning and education extends beyond the classroom. Now, you can connect with your students anywhere by enabling teachers and administrators to initiate conversations.

Engage with students through their preferred channels to provide support, notify them about admission and timetable updates, and launch campaigns. Whether it's WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, Email or any other daily communication channels that students prefer, you can combine them to facilitate seamless communication. Simply choose the channels that your students use daily, and let the conversations begin.

Conversational Channels
mobile service cloud

Encourage student participation

Connect with your tech-savvy students using mobile landing pages and WhatsApp, meeting them where they are - on their phones. This approach can increase engagement and encourage participation. By creating a mobile landing page with valuable study resources, you can share the link via WhatsApp to help students prepare for exams and assignments

mobile service cloud

Automate student support

Wave goodbye to outdated student communications with low open rates. Make life easier for you and your students by automating applications, FAQs, and daily services, and enjoy the added benefit of a friendly chatbot available around the clock to assist with any queries.

Scripted Chatbot

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