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Jan 22, 2024
4 minutes read

Build flexible, functional and rich interactions with WhatsApp Flows

WhatsApp Business Platform is adding another new and innovative feature to its repertoire: WhatsApp Flows. But what are WhatsApp Flows? And what can they do for businesses?

What are WhatsApp Flows?

WhatsApp Flows, the newest feature in the WhatsApp Business Platform, helps businesses design, build, and customise customer journeys via the WhatsApp messaging channel. Businesses can create rich menus and customisable forms to support the needs of different customers, allowing them to provide seamless services while interacting with customers.

In short, WhatsApp Flows lets businesses create something similar to a customisable and flexible online form. These forms allow customers to pick different choices from a drop-down menu or (pre-)filled information fields while being guided through the buying or support journey. If needed, WhatsApp Flows can make handovers from and to chatbots feel more natural and help automate processes seamlessly. The feature can also be used to gather customer information, add leads to a company's CRM and personalise content to target specific customers.

"Interactions made flexible, functional, rich. Powered by WhatsApp Flows. With WhatsApp Flows businesses can design, build and customise their own journeys, which can make chatbot and AI agent solutions better, as well as offer end-to-end experiences."
- Meta

WhatsApp Flows Use Cases

WhatsApp Business Platform strives to provide an end-to-end conversational commerce experience to help turn conversations into conversions. With the introduction of WhatsApp Business Flows, this end-to-end experience will be completed. WhatsApp Flows will help drive sales and customer loyalty, streamline scheduling, and support customers in making the right choices.

1. Drive Sales Through Marketing

Sharing the right content with the right audience is key. To date, WhatsApp Business Platform can be used to send out promotional messages and newsletters. Adding WhatsApp Flows into this mix will give customers a chance to choose what type of content they wish to receive, and how often, tailoring marketing efforts to their needs.

Some customers may want to receive new product updates or special offers, while others want to be re-engaged about one specific product when it's back in stock, for example. Making sure to target each customer with individual offers they wish to receive will help increase conversion. The personalised customer experience will also help build trust with the brand, as customers will feel seen, heard, and understood by the business.

2. Streamline Scheduling & Booking

The majority of businesses have the same top 10 customer service queries and questions. Most likely including 'What are your opening hours?', 'Can I schedule an appointment next week?', 'I would like to book an appointment for X?' WhatsApp Flows can not only help businesses streamline, automate and answer these questions but also help schedule bookings and make appointments via the WhatsApp messaging channel. But it's not just about booking appointments, WhatsApp Flows can also assist customers with booking services, such as reserving tables or seats or booking tickets.

3. Assist Customers & Drive Sales

There are countless scenarios where customers need a little help when browsing or purchasing products, ranging from seeing if a product is available in the correct size, to checking delivery options. WhatsApp Flows can help customers decide on the right products, assisting them in their buying journey.

In addition, conversion rates are typically higher if customers don't have to switch to a different channel to get their questions answered or continue their buying journey, so WhatsApp Flows can boost sales.

4. Simplify Sign-ups & Log-ins

Businesses often promote new deals for new accounts or perhaps events easily via WhatsApp. WhatsApp Flows can help sign customers up faster and even combine it with Authentication Messaging Templates to double-check the customer data input. And all of this is in the App. WhatsApp Flows can also make it easier for customers to sign into their accounts. Customers simply follow the flow set up to verify their identity and then access their account.

Flexible, Functional, and Rich Interactions with WhatsApp Flows for Customers

WhatsApp Flows are currently available through the API via the WhatsApp Business Platform, accessible through a Meta Business Partner such as With a WhatsApp Business Platform account, all of the WhatsApp Business features, including WhatsApp Flows, will be made available to your business.

Is your business ready to design, build, and customise its customer journeys with WhatsApp Flows? Discover the WhatsApp Business Platform and talk to one of our experts to discuss the possibilities.

Discover WhatsApp Flows via the WhatsApp Business Platform

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