Facebook Messenger for Business

Offer more than just support with Facebook Messenger, one of the most powerful online tools for customer contact today.

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Facebook Messenger

Driving business outcomes, one conversation at a time

Reach over 2 billion active users

With 2 billion active users each month, Messenger is used in more countries than any other chat app in the world.

Combine Ads with Contact

With Click-to-Messenger ads (enabling ads that click to messenger), businesses drives engagement further and increase sales.

Automatic channel fallback

We guarantee the delivery of your message every time. If there is no internet connection available, an SMS fallback is initiated.

Facebook Messenger | More than just a messaging app

By using one of the most well rounded apps available, you can expand your reach whilst increasing engagement. Whatever the method, Messenger lets you create a more engaging customer experience. It offers you the option to recruit, support, advertise and combine the inbox with multiple social apps. Start targeting your prospects and customers to serve them not only via Facebook, but Instagram as well.

  1. Show customers you support them via their favourite channel

  2. Have the option to sell and complete transactions in-channel

  3. Create more brand awareness by linking ads to messenger

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Support through Facebook Messenger

How To Use Facebook Messenger for Business

Customers turn to a multitude of chat apps to reach out to you for support. Availability on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Viber and SMS is the new standard. How do you support all those channels, while efficiently handling queries on this multitude of channels?

By adding Customer Contact, you’ll handle all conversations with the greatest ease. Customer Contact removes all thresholds and repetitive processes. Start from Customer Contact, add your preferred channels to Customer Contact, and improve your service quality.

To Customer Contact

Why smart businesses are using Facebook Messenger

2.4 Billion Users

Facebook Messenger's growth rate estimating 2.4 billion users by 2021

20 Billion Messages

More than 20 billion conversations take place between business and users monthly

300,000 Active Bots

Over 300,000 bots exchange 8 billion mobile messages, daily

70% Higher Open Rate

Facebook Messenger has 70% higher open rates than email campaigns

7 Million Businesses

Over 7 million businesses use Facebook Messenger to attract their audience

Why use CM.com as your Facebook for Business provider?

All your customer's preferred channels

From Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp to Viber & Twitter, combine them in one interface or choose the channels your customers prefer most. Make customer service easy for you and your customers.

To all Messaging Channels

One easy-to-use Contact Center tool

Connect to all Messaging Channels via one interface and switch easy between channels so you can continue conversations with multiple customers through multiple channels.

Our Customer Contact tool

Extra built-in features

Benefit from built-in features like quick replies and chat bots. Insert rich media into the conversation, amplify your communication with pictures, videos, locations, opening hours, and more.


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Save valuable time with chat bots

Two-way messaging brings a whole new challenge for businesses. Being present across multiple channels requires a bigger load of messages and their responses.

Facebook Messenger offers several options to manage customer expectations. From auto responses and greet-a-customer to letting them know when they can expect a response and a simple "out of office". Adding a chat bot will save you even more time. Implementing a bot will reduce the load by tackling the most frequently asked questions first.

Add Facebook Messenger to complete your Facebook strategy

Facebook Messenger is one of the most powerful online tools for customer contact today. The chat-centric feature offers a new world of opportunities for brand presence, engagement, effective customer support and increased sales conversions. Contact us to get started.

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