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Discover RCS: The Future of Text Messaging

Bring text messages to life with rich media for the ultimate in-app customer engagement

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Build Customer Trust

Prepare for exceptional response rates through branded and verified business profiles, building trust before and during the conversations.

Amaze With Rich Media

Express your brand identity with pictures, audio, video and action buttons to create a customer experience that stands out from the rest.

Connect Effortlessly

Send your branded and engaging content directly to your customers' native text messaging app - no third party download required.

Ensure Delivery

Make sure your content gets seen! Delivery is guaranteed with SMS as a fallback channel for your RCS branded messages.

Communication Services With an Emphasis on "Rich"

The "Rich" in Rich Communication Services is undeniably true. With advanced two-way customer engagement options rivaling the social messaging apps, your brand will stand out from the competition.

RCS Rich Content Services

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RCS Verified Secure

Build Customer Trust with RCS Sender Verification

Customers that trust you are more likely to engage with your content in meaningful ways. RCS verified sender profiles will showcase visual cues like branding and checkmarks to enhance customer trust.

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Rich Communication Messaging Features

Leverage the many rich features that RCS offers to engage your customers, gain their trust, and develop long-lasting relationships through interactive communication.

Combat Fraud With RCS

Smishing attacks are on the rise, making most customers wary of text messages they receive. But what if those messages are your branded content? It can be hard for consumers to decipher what messages are spam and what messages are legit.

With a verified sender profile on RCS Business, your customers can easily identify your real business account and engage with your content with confidence. Perfect for your marketing offers, sales enablement, and sending one time passwords.

Prevent Fraud With RCS

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Why CM.com?

  1. Fast implementation and migration
  2. Integrate via API or software
  3. Premium customer support
  4. GDPR-compliant & secure

RCS: The Best of SMS and Messaging Apps in One Channel

Discover how RCS Business Messaging can help your brand share interactive content, engage with customers and increase brand engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions About RCS

What Is Rich Communication Services (RCS) Messaging?

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Rich Communications Services (RCS) is a new messaging protocol. It was originally created to replace SMS and MMS messaging, and to elevate text messaging to modern messaging standards. RCS offers many of the features available on popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. And as a bonus perk, it enables users to communicate with your business within the native messaging app of their phones similar to SMS - no additional app download needed.

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What Is the Difference Between RCS and SMS

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RCS is a new messaging protocol, originally created with the intent to replace SMS. Contrary to SMS, which consists plain text messages, RCS offers rich media and more innovative features that can elevate business messaging to the next level.

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What Is the Difference Between RCS and WhatsApp?

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RCS Business Messaging and WhatsApp Business Messaging are both notable channels for businesses that strive for a personal and conversational approach to customer communication. WhatsApp is a Meta product, and it requires an app download before use. RCS operates from the native messaging app of (most) mobile phones. The features they offer are quite similar to each other in terms of coverage, rich media, security, and automation.

What Is the Coverage and Reach of RCS?

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RCS is native on all Android phones, and in 2024, Apple will also release RCS support with iOS 18. RCS coverage is dependent on operators enabling RCS services. CM.com currently has full RCS coverage in Canada, France, and Germany. With partial operator coverage in Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, and the US.

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What If the Recipients Do Not Have RCS Enabled on Their Phones?

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RCS messages can be sent when both the sender and the recipient have it enabled on their phones, and the devices are connected to the internet. Is there no internet connection available, or does either the sender or the recipient not have RCS enabled on their phone? Then the message will be sent as an SMS or MMS message.

Does RCS Use Data to Send Messages?

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RCS Messages are sent over Wi-Fi or mobile data. Are you connected to a Wi-Fi network? Then you won't pay additional costs for using RCS. If you're connected to your own mobile data plan, the costs are based on your provider. Messages send without a connection to the internet will instead be sent as SMS or MMS messages.

Latest Articles

Protect Your Customers from Fraud With RCS Sender Verification
Jun 05, 2024 • RCS

Protect Your Customers from Fraud With RCS Sender Verification

Cybercrime and spam messaging is on the rise. Criminals attempt to impersonate trusted businesses in the hopes of scamming loyal customers out of their personal details, login credentials, and even banking information. This damages the trust between customers and businesses. How can you tell which messages are legit, and which ones aren't? RCS Business offers verified sender profiles, helping customers identify official business accounts so they can engage with business communication with confidence.

Unified Messaging With RCS on iOS
May 15, 2024 • RCS

Unified Messaging With RCS on iOS

RCS is a rising star among the messaging channels. It combines the reliability of the SMS network with the added benefits of rich media and other modern messaging features. Its only hiccup was reach - iOS didn't support RCS. Until now.

Apr 06, 2023 • RCS

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on Different Messaging Channels

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is an effective way to protect your data and your customers. But how do you set up Two Factor Authentication? And what messaging channels can be used for 2FA?

Why You Need RCS to Boost Sales
Jan 30, 2023 • RCS

Why You Need RCS to Boost Sales

RCS, or Rich Communication Services, is the latest evolution in text messaging, and it's well on its way to becoming the world's biggest messaging channel. There’s never been a better time to explore what RCS can do for your business.

Dec 02, 2022 • RCS

SMS is 30 years old! 30 facts about SMS through the ages

Happy birthday, SMS! This famous channel celebrates its 30th birthday on December 3rd, 2022. From messages between individuals to SMS Marketing, the channel reigns supreme in the world of telecommunications. Let's look at some fun statistics and details you might not know about; 30 years of SMS history, the channel that pioneered mobile messaging as we know it today.

Chat Apps - Choosing Between Channels
Jun 01, 2022 • RCS

How to Choose Between Different Messaging Channels?

There’s a plethora of messaging apps and mobile communication channels available worldwide. Various apps exist, native applications are growing and also standard SMS text messages are still widely in use. In what channel should you invest your resources?

May 30, 2022 • RCS

An Intro to RCS Messaging for Marketers

How can your business use RCS Bussiness Messaging for marketing campaigns? Discover how RCS can help your brand share interactive content, engage with customers and increase brand engagement.

RCS vs. SMS Messaging: A Comparison
May 10, 2022 • RCS

RCS vs. SMS Messaging: A Comparison

Thanks to its rich content and other interactive features, RCS messaging is taking the SMS marketing world by storm. But what is the difference between RCS and SMS? Today, we’ll compare RCS vs. SMS for use in your mobile marketing campaigns.

Nov 06, 2018 • RCS

Do You Think SMS is Dead? Guess Again!

SMS is something we all know. It has been part of our lives for decades. Therefore, SMS might come across as old, but it has found a renewed purpose. It might potentially change the way we text forever. Let’s see how we get to SMS 2.0.

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