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Customer Data Platform named an ‘Established Leader’ in Juniper Research's CDP Vendor Competitor Leaderboard

Juniper Research’s Competitor Leaderboard: CDP Vendors places as one of 14 leaders in the market., a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce, is proud to announce it has been named an ‘Established Leader’ in Juniper Research’s CDP Competitor Leaderboard. The report details fourteen CDP vendors that Juniper Research considers leaders in the market. 

CDP Leaderboard is placed among the Established Leaders in the report’s CDP Leaderboard, based on Juniper Research’s assessment of each player’s capability and capacity, as well as its product and position in the broader market for CDP services. scored particularly highly against its competitors for the extent and breadth of its CDP-supported technologies, as well as its segment coverage.

The report also predicts that future leaders in CDP will be those that offer services that can unify data sources into a single platform and urged operators to do so in order to demonstrate ROI.

Jan Saan, CTO of commented: “We are delighted to have been recognised in this report as an Established Leader in the CDP market. Our ability to streamline the customer journey by integrating marketing and customer service orchestration capabilities into our CDP helps us to consistently deliver better experiences, and ultimately support business growth. To be named within the Competitor Leaderboard serves to highlight the progress and success we are continuing to achieve as a business.”

Sam Barker, Head of Analytics & Forecasting at Juniper Research said: “ continues to show a commitment to differentiating its offerings to set it apart from the competition and demonstrate an improved use of data insights, which has made it a true leader within the ever-growing CDP global market. With opportunities to scale operations ever further, is certainly a vendor that has the potential to continue driving greater success within the CDP market in the future, bringing with it huge benefits to the broader messaging space.”


Communications Platform’s global geo-redundant Communications Platform offers secure and cost-efficient CDP communication solutions that centralise data to create unified, 360° profiles that give real-time insights into customer behaviour. It is trusted by brands worldwide, including and VIVID Homes.

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