Customer Success Story – Talkmobile

Talkmobile achieves a 98% recognition rate with’s Conversational AI Cloud, sending customer satisfaction soaring.


Founded in 2007, Talkmobile is a mobile network operator committed to giving UK customers great prices and great coverage on SIM-only deals and phone contracts. Using Vodafone’s mobile network, Talkmobile covers 99% of the UK’s population.


Simple Journeys

Talkmobile focuses on giving its customers simplicity when it comes to purchasing a mobile plan through its Simple Journeys project. Delivering the experience its customers really value: simplicity that works first time on the channel of their choice.

“Our customers value simplicity and we’d like our website to be super straightforward for them to use. We’ve all had the experience of using website search engines and having to scroll through a million options before finding what you need. Conversational AI Cloud means we can offer a more seamless and customer-friendly approach.” Liz Percival, Customer Operations Manager at Talkmobile

Talkmobile’s Simple Journeys project has a two-fold approach:

  1. Self-service: making sure self-serve tools are available on the right medium for the right customer at the right time.

  2. Human connection: making it easy for customers to speak with agents, maintaining a human connection for the people who want it.

“Self-service is much more flexible as it works around the customer and their day. We want to give customers the right tools, through the right channels and at the right time for them to contact us as and when they need to.” Liz Percival, Customer Operations Manager at Talkmobile


Conversational AI Cloud

Talkmobile uses’s Conversational AI Cloud as part of its Simple Journeys project, implementing a one-stop shop for a customer to be able to ask a question and find the answer themselves. The search bar function has a recognition rate of 98%, which means it provides customers with precise answers with links to other parts of the website, so the customers have the correct answers in an instant and don't have to scroll through endless answers.

“In an ideal world, customers would never contact us, not because they can't, but because they don't need to.’s Conversational AI Cloud is a big part of making that a reality.” Liz Percival, Customer Operations Manager at Talkmobile.

Agile platforms

Working in a fast-paced, changing business, Talkmobile needs agile platforms that can be updated quickly and easily, rather than waiting to have things updated externally.’s Conversational AI Cloud enables the team to review the content and update it with new FAQs that are coming in from customers in an instant and ensure the tool answers all the questions from its customer base.

“Today we have an idea, tomorrow it's signed off and then we're able to implement quickly. Having tools where we can self-serve and that work as quickly as we do helps enormously." Liz Percival, Customer Operations Manager at Talkmobile.

Collaborative partnership

Talkmobile was looking for a partner who could recommend new ideas and additional features to improve its customer service. Working with, the team has been able to take advantage of in-house experts and collaborate on innovative ideas and features.

“Working with everybody at has always been an absolute pleasure. The team wants to understand and hear about us, our business, our journey and to help us along that pathway by recommending features and products that we perhaps haven't thought of.” Liz Percival, Customer Operations Manager at Talkmobile.


Small steps, big changes

Talkmobile’s Simple Journeys project has transformed the digital customer experience, sending customer satisfaction soaring and making its customer care award-winning. In 2023 it was the overall winner of the UK Customer Experience Awards. In 2024 it won Best Customer Service Department of the Year and The Excellence in Customer Service Award.

“I've said this before, and no doubt I'll say it again. Conversational AI Cloud is something that just works and does what it needs to do in the simplest way.” Liz Percival, Customer Operations Manager at Talkmobile

But that’s not all. Talkmobile is dipping its toes into automation. Catering to its particular customer base who are coming around to using digital journeys.

As mentioned, Talkmobile has a two-fold approach; one self-service, and two human connections. Moving forward, it wants to introduce more automation that will help with number one and reduce the need for number two.

“We’re looking forward to supporting Talkmobile in automating more of their customer journeys to help provide round-the-clock customer service excellence.” Spike Bowen, Head of Account Management UK & Ireland at

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