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Modern consumers expect instant responses on any channel, at any time. Our technology lets you be anywhere and everywhere.

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The UK professional services sector in numbers


of professional service businesses acknowledge that customer expectations are increasing (Mavenlink 2019)


of professional services companies worldwide that are likely or very likely to adopt new technologies between 2020 and 2025 (Statista 2021)


average annual revenue growth of professional service organisations worldwide between 2013 and 2020 (Statista 2021)


of professional service companies said that increasing revenue was their top challenge of 2019 (Mavenlink 2019)

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Your clients want to talk to you on their favourite channel. Make sure they can, by using's mobile messaging channels.

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Human resources and recruitment

Human resources and recruitment

Streamline the recruitment process and simplify your employee engagement. Digitisation enables the shift from siloed approaches to more relevant and personalised communications.



The legal industry is undergoing a once-in-a-lifetime digital transformation. Increase your firms domestic and international reach and provide a more flexible way of working for your partners, fee earners and staff.



Fast shifts in customer expectations are causing companies to rethink the way they connect with customers. Consultancy firms need to take on an approach to help companies meet rising digital expectations.

How can help your business

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Help fee earners work faster, or make it easier for clients to interact with you

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Quicker, more accurate ways of working increase profitability

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Automate key parts of your workflow to free up additional time

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Private documents are processed more securely than physical alternatives

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Take better care of your clients and increase your referral rate

Client communication made easy

Client communication made easy

Wouldn't it be great to automate time-consuming parts of your job so you can focus on making the difference for your clients? Our products remove the mundane, so you can achieve the incredible.

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Electronic Signing for Professional Services

Sign is a simple, easily implementable solution...

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    Clients and colleagues can sign documents wherever they are

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    Immediately improves efficiencies and turnaround

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    Invoicing based on results: only pay for a fully signed document

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    All documents are 100% secure and legally binding

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How can technology help the Legal sector?

Legal Tech is the term for any technology that makes it easier for law firms to deliver their services. It offers forward-thinking firms an opportunity to improve their overall efficiency and increase their level of service and the quality of their client experience. 

Legal Tech: Is Your Firm Ready?

Download our complete guide to Legal Tech

Wondering how to get started with Legal Tech? In this eBook we examine what Legal Tech is, what it can do, and how it can increase efficiencies, delivery, client service, retention and profitability.

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